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Scottish Nationalists Are Hijacking Music to Push an Independence Agenda | National Review

Culture should never be a mere tool for politics, and artists should not be mouthpieces for the government. O wad some Pow’r the giftie gie us To see oursels as ithers see us! It wad frae mony a blunder free us, An’ foolish notion: What airs in dress an’ gait wad lea’e us, An’ ev’n devotion!

Nicola Sturgeon links uphill Shetland byelection to independence

NICOLA Sturgeon has gambled on a long-shot SNP win in this month’s Shetland byelection after linking the result to support for independence. On her second visit to Holyrood ‘s most northerly seat, the First Minister said a vote for the SNP on August 29 would be “a vote to decide our own future”.

Confidential patient notes – including gynaecological procedures – found dumped on West End street

AN investigation has been launched by a health board after confidential patient notes were found dumped on a street in Glasgow’s West End. The notes include a surgical list with names, ages and details of gynaecological procedures carried out on female patients. Another details the consultation history of a named patient with a case history including drug administered.

Staff tell of immense pressure to build Scotland’s ‘trophy’ hospitals

SENIOR figures at Scotland ‘s largest health board have told how they were put under “immense pressure” to deliver ‘trophy’ hospitals that focused too much on innovation and strict deadlines.

Kenny MacAskill: Humiliations of Ruth Davidson and Richard Leonard show unionists are expendable

Scottish unionists like Richard Leonard and Ruth Davidson are becoming irrelevant to the powers that be in their parties and face the same fate as American Loyalists in the US War of Independence and the Irish Ascendancy during the creation of the Free State, writes Kenny MacAskill.

Scotland’s new benefits agency sparks fears over ‘appalling invasion of privacy’

WIDE-RANGING powers to allow Scotland ‘s new benefits agency to investigate fraud have sparked “deep concerns” over privacy and confidentiality. One organisation said officers working for Social Security Scotland would potentially be handed “more powers and latitude” than the police under the plans.

Chemotherapy review after 14 women die

An independent review is to be carried out into chemotherapy given to 14 women who died after NHS Tayside gave lower doses than other Scottish health boards. The health board requested the review after it was criticised in a report by Health Improvement Scotland (HIS).

Scotland’s drug deaths set to top 1,000

New figures released later are expected to show that more than 1,000 people died as a result of drugs in Scotland last year. Scotland already has the worst record for reported drug deaths in Europe but the latest figures will show another steep rise.

The SNP’s failure to defend abused politicians belies its caring image | Kevin McKenna

Do Tory prime ministers, on taking office, begin immediately to brace themselves for the moment when they are finally undone by the blows of their friends? There was Theresa May last week reflecting on her own wretched tenure and admitting that she hadn’t reckoned with the hatred that had engulfed her party over Brexit.

Scottish Government failing to meet rural housing targets

The Scottish Government is failing to meet targets to boost the number of affordable homes for rural and island communities, according to documents obtained by The Ferret. Ministers promised three years ago that a £25 million rural housing fund would provide 500 new homes by 2021.

Jeane Freeman told to ‘get a grip’ on health delays after Glasgow’s £7m brain surgery units still out of use

JEANE Freeman has been urged to “get a grip” on delays in across the NHS as two state-of-the art facilities lie empty on opposite ends of the country. The Health Secretary is coming under increasing pressure to explain the problems plaguing multi-million-pound projects in both Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Scotland to prioritise Scottish medical students

Scottish universities are to recruit more medical students from Scotland at the expense of those from elsewhere in the UK. The move will see the number of medical students who live north of the border increase by 100. The number accepted from England, Wales and Northern Ireland will be reduced by the same amount.

Sturgeon: ‘Next six months could be Scotland’s toughest’

The First Minister said Westminster is “crumbling” and Scotland faces getting a “reckless prime minister we didn’t vote for” whether Boris Johnson or Jeremy Hunt wins the Conservative leadership contest. In a post on her party’s website celebrating 20 years of the Scottish Parliament, the SNP leader said more could be achieved with independence.

Scottish independence: Glasgow councillors back Holyrood right to call referendum

Councillors in Glasgow have weighed in on the row over whether Holyrood has the right to call a second referendum on Scottish independence without Westminster approval. Members of Scotland’s largest local authority backed an SNP motion today demanding “that a future independence referendum should be under the control of the Scottish Parliament”.

Restrictions on short prison sentences extended

An extension of the presumption against short sentences handed out in Scottish courts been signed off by MSPs. Since 2011, judges have been instructed not to impose a prison sentence of three months or less, unless no other punishment is deemed “appropriate”.

Apprentices ‘being failed by curriculum’

Scotland’s largest private employer of apprentices has claimed the school curriculum is failing young people. Conrad Ritchie, the managing director of Peterhead-based engineering firm Score International, said he had seen a decline in the basic numeracy and literacy skills of school leavers.

Citizens of all countries living in Scotland to be given vote at indyref2

The legislation published today by the Scottish Government would give Scotland one of the most liberal voting rights laws in the world. The new voters would also be able to participate in a second independence referendum if one is called.