Nicola Sturgeon and the dead-eyed Yesbots

Sometimes you can’t beat a Left-wing firebrand. Elaine Smith is an old-school socialist who speaks her mind where others might tread more delicately. There was nothing delicate about the Labour MSP’s broadside against the Scottish Government ahead of yesterday’s sham debate on Covid restrictions. MSPs were meant to get a proper debate and a vote but…

Devolution Will Never Appease the SNP

Last week, it emerged that the Conservative Government commissioned a report from Hanbury Strategy, a London-based consultancy firm, to offer strategic advice on how to keep the UK together.

‘East Germany levels of authoritarianism’ brewing for Scotland amid extreme hate speech bill

Spiked Online Editor Brendan O’Neill says “East Germany levels of authoritarianism” and tyranny are taking place in Scotland as the Scottish National Party p…

‘East Germany levels of authoritarianism’ brewing for Scotland amid extreme hate speech bill, Sky News, 29/10/20

Scotland is leading the way to totalitarianism – UnHerd

In the Soviet Union, not even the home was a refuge from the ears of the totalitarian state. Historian Orlando Figes, in his 2007 book The Whisperers: Private Life in Stalin’s Russia, quotes one Soviet woman’s memory of her childhood: “We were brought up to keep our mouths shut.

Salmond inquiry: The civil servant, the deleted text and ‘the battle and the war’ | Press and Journal

A civil servant has admitted deleting a controversial text sent to her by Scotland’s most senior official after Alex Salmond’s successful court action against the Scottish Government. Communications Director Barbara Allison had originally denied receiving the electronic message from Permanent Secretary Leslie Evans, which said: “Battle maybe lost but not the war”.

Resetting devolution now becoming an imperative if Britain is to survive – Brian Monteith

The reset needs to be for the whole of the United Kingdom – considering the experiences of Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast – but also the performance of England’s city mayors.

World View: Scottish momentum evidences need for new thinking

“New accommodation, new constitutional settlement, and co-operation rather than confrontation.” These are the strategies proposed to head off demands for Scottish independence by a political consultancy group advising UK cabinet office minister Michael Gove. They were leaked to Bloomberg this week amid strong pressure on the UK’s union.

Scottish devolution has been tested to destruction | The Spectator

The Scottish Tories are decidedly unenthusiastic about suggestions Westminster devolve further powers to the Scottish Parliament. A proposal to stave off independence by giving Holyrood additional financial powers and control over immigration, contained in a strategy memo leaked earlier this week, h…

IndyRef2 could take place ‘by end of 2021’ if Nats win at Holyrood election

SNP chief Mike Russell has insisted IndyRef2 could take place by the end of 2021. The Scottish Government constitution secretary said a second independence referendum “could take place, I’m quite sure, before the end of next year” if the Nats win May’s Holyrood elections.

Mandy Rhodes: No, First Minister, this is not about what he did, it’s about what your government did – The Sunday Post

With opinion polls consistently predicting a majority for the SNP at next May’s election, independence support at an all-time high, and Nicola Sturgeon’s personal approval ratings sitting at 72%, it seems an odd time to claim she’s having a bad time.

Alex Bell: Confidence factor may have improved for Yes camp, but the details have not | Press and Journal

What luck for Nicola Sturgeon. Indy becomes the majority view, but Covid-19 prevents any action. Blessings come in disguise. The virus has bought 58% support for independence in the latest poll, an emotional swing away from the inept Boris Johnson towards the comforting Sturgeon. One the fallen angel, the other St Nic the saviour.

New Scottish independence party adds to Yes splits

TWO former SNP politicians have launched a new pro-independence, anti-EU party for next year’s Holyrood election. Former South of Scotland MSP Chic Brodie and Renfrewshire councillor Andy Doig said Scotia Future would stand for “real independence” outside the European Union. SNP policy is for an independent Scotland to rejoin the EU after independence and minimise the damage from Brexit.

Government loans help more than 79,000 Scottish businesses

MORE than 79,000 businesses in Scotland have benefited from special loans designed to help them through the pandemic, according to the UK Government. At least 76,000 loans worth more than £2.1 billion have been provided under the “bounce back” lending scheme, according to the Treasury.

The arguments that will win or lose indyref2 | The Spectator

Our latest poll in Scotland makes grim reading for unionists and offers much to celebrate for supporters of Scottish independence. Support for independence is now at a record high of 58 per cent. The SNP appear on course for a majority at next year’s Scottish parliamentary elections. And around two-…

SNP mocked for bizarre beef row: Nationalists branded ‘petty’ after Union flag complaint

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More than two in five Scots believe Sturgeon ‘misled parliament’ over meeting | Press and Journal

More than two in five Scots think Nicola Sturgeon “deliberately misled parliament” by telling MSPs investigating the Scottish Government’s botched handling of sexual harassment claims against Alex Salmond that she forgot about a meeting with his former chief of staff.

Salmond saga drains trust in Sturgeon just as she needs it most

NICOLA Sturgeon is burning up her most valuable asset, trust, through her handling of the toxic and protracted Alex Salmond saga. This self-destruction couldn’t come at a worse time – for the country that is, not the First Minister or the SNP. Political careers and party fortunes mean nothing when weighed against the wellbeing of a nation.

Nicola Sturgeon: ‘Phone signal cutting out due to train travel’ reason behind delayed withdrawal of the whip from Margaret Ferrier

The MP for Rutherglen and Hamilton West was suspended by the SNP following her 800 mile trip to Westminster while being infected with Covid-19. However she remains a member of the party with Nicola Sturgeon coming under pressure to expel the MP.

Scottish Government senior managers given wage boost as millions endure pay cuts

Scottish Government senior managers have been handed inflation-busting pay rises of up to 12 per cent in the middle of the coronavirus crisis. Finance Secretary Kate Forbes signed off the deal in April despite severe warnings of the economic devastation being caused by Covid-19, the Sunday Mail can reveal.

The SNP’s deepening Salmond scandal | The Spectator

Tiresome things, words. And it is even more tiresome when people insist they retain their traditional meanings. Thus I suppose one may sympathise with Peter Murrell, chief executive of the SNP and – for this is not irrelevant to the subject being discussed here – husband to Nicola Sturgeon. In Janu…

Salmond affair: Sturgeon admits ‘lingering concern’ about sexual misconduct

NICOLA Sturgeon has admitted she had a “lingering concern” that sexual misconduct allegations could surface against Alex Salmond. The First Minister revealed her misgivings in written evidence to a Holyrood inquiry into the Salmond affair.

How SNP and their followers use dirty tricks against political opponents like me – Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP

Since beating the SNP to win a Scottish Parliament seat in 2016, Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP has faced a total of six complaints about him to the police, Electoral Commission and Standards Commission and three investigations. He was cleared every time.

Nicola Sturgeon’s job is threatened by “murky goings on” in Alex Salmond case

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon ‘s position is being “jeopardised” by claims of “murky goings-on” in the Alex Salmond case, one of her former advisers had claimed. Campbell Gunn, who worked for Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon, wrote that “one or two people losing their jobs” over the Government’s botched handling of the controversy must “surely” be a “political price worth paying”.

Polling claims of secessionists are inflated, there is no consistent lead for leaving the UK

THERE HAS BEEN a lot of loose talk over the last few months about nationalist polling, but don’t forget, the headline results of over fifty per cent for leaving the UK exclude undecideds. Further, many polls being quoted now only use a subset of respondents and ask preliminary scene-setting questions that lead up to a soft final question on independence.

Why nationalists are trying to convince you Scottish independence is inevitable (and why they’re wrong) – Murdo Fraser

Optimisim has been rising among supporters of Scottish independence in recent weeks, but support for leaving the Union may not be as great as it seems, says Murdo Fraser MSP (Picture: John Devlin) We have just passed the sixth anniversary of the 2014 independence referendum, that “once in a lifetime” vote to decide our country’s future.

Row over ‘dark money’ Holyrood boost for Sturgeon ally Angus Robertson

THE SNP’s most controversial Holyrood selection battle is at the centre of a new row after claims ‘dark money’ is helping to promote an ally of Nicola Sturgeon. Former minister Marco Biagi said he had gone public with his concerns about the race for the party’s candidacy in Edinburgh Central after being ignored by SNP HQ.

Former SNP stalwart switches to Conservatives over concerns about independence

A former SNP stalwart in the south of Scotland has announced he is now backing the Conservatives over his concerns about the economic costs of independence. Andrew Wood quit the Nationalists last year to serve as an independent on Dumfries and Galloway Council after falling out with party colleagues – but has now revealed his decision to join the Tories.

SNP defector says party has become ‘far left extremist movement’

A FORMER SNP councillor who has switched to the Tories has described his old party as a “far left extremist movement that is buying votes by giving out freebies”. Dumfries & Galloway’s Andrew Wood, an SNP member for over 20 years, also said Scotland’s strained public finances were a “major stumbling block” to independence.

SNP figure criticised for linking elderly deaths to ‘gain’ for independence

A senior SNP figure has been criticised over an article which suggested the deaths of elderly people had contributed to an increase in support for independence. Angus Robertson, the party’s former Westminster leader, made the comment in the context of more young people becoming eligible to vote and some older voters dying.

New leader of Liberal Democrats aims to stick it to the SNP in 2021

THE Liberal Democrats are ideally placed to take seats off the SNP in next year’s Holyrood election because of the acute weakness of the other Unionist parties, Sir Ed Davey has claimed. On his first visit to Scotland as the new UK LibDem leader, Sir Ed said his was set to be “the party” to defeat the Nationalists in parts of Scotland.

Two-thirds believe IndyRef2 should not be a priority for the Scottish Government

IndyRef2 should not be a priority for the Scottish Government, a new poll has shown. A new poll for the pro-union campaign group Scotland in Union has shown two-thirds of Scots believe that independence and constitutional matters should not be a priority for the Scottish Government at this time.

Ewan Gurr: Is the Scottish Parliament out of touch with public opinion? – Evening Telegraph

If you think freedom of speech is an “important right” you are in the majority. A poll, published in the same week the Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Bill was discussed in Holyrood, revealed that 87% share that view.

David Cameron urges PM to reject second independence referendum even if SNP wins Holyrood majority

Boris Johnson should reject a second independence referendum if the SNP wins a majority at next year’s Holyrood election, according to David Cameron. The former prime minister said the UK government allowed the nationalists to set the terms in 2014 – and said it was not “appropriate” for there to be another ballot.

Hate Crime Bill a ‘threat to free speech’ – councillors – Free To Disagree

Local politicians strongly oppose the Scottish Government’s Hate Crime Bill with almost 7 in 10 believing it “threatens free speech”, a survey suggests. The Free to Disagree campaign asked councillors across Scotland for their views on free speech and the Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Bill.

Watch: Douglas Ross insists the SNP ‘does not speak for Scotland’

THE LEADER of the Scottish Conservatives has said the SNP does not speak for Scotland during a furious debate on a controversial government trade bill. Douglas Ross, MP for Moray, was speaking during the debate on the UK Internal Market Bill in Westminster this evening.

Scottish Greens fined over inaccurate donation reports

THE Scottish Greens have been fined more than £5000 for multiple failures in the reporting of donations. The Electoral Commission today announced the party must pay seven fines totalling £5,349.75 by September 24. The party said it was a “technical” breach and it was appealing the finding.

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