Coronavirus: Warning rollout of Covid jags to over-80s could be delayed by shortage of vaccinated GPs

THE rollout of Covid vaccines to the over-80s could be stalled as thousands of GPs and primary care staff have yet to receive any inoculation. There are warnings that unvaccinated doctors do not feel safe to start bringing hundreds of elderly patients into GP practices from next week.

Patient died after intensive care infection spread in Glasgow hospital

A PATIENT died after contracting an infection which spread in an intensive care unit of a Glasgow hospital and is linked to contaminated water, it has emerged. Official documents show that were two cases of MDRO (multi-drug resistant) Pseudomonas aeruginosa at Glasgow Royal Infirmary which had “matching profiles”.

Scots hospital staff left freezing after queuing for hours in vaccine blunder

Scots NHS staff were left queueing for hours outside Glasgow’s Royal Infirmary after a coronavirus vaccine blunder. Hospital workers stood outside in freezing weather conditions after an administration error meant vaccination staff failed to show up. NHS bosses issued an apology and promised to reschedule missed appointments this week.

Public Health Minister told to resign amid drug deaths ‘human rights tragedy’

Figures released today by the National Records of Scotland (NRS) show that Scotland has the highest rate for drug deaths in the whole of Europe – prompting calls for the resignation of Scotland’s public health minister.

Claim Scotland is first place in UK to get Covid-19 vaccine into care homes is False

The Covid-19 vaccination programme has begun in Scotland, with residents and workers in care homes a high priority. The Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine began to be delivered to Scottish health boards over the weekend of 12 December, and on Monday the First Minister said that more than 18,000 vaccinators, health and care workers had received the first dose.

£6m taxpayer cash spent on laundry and guards at hospital with no Covid patients

The SNP Government has earmarked £6million of taxpayers’ money to laundry services and security guards for the NHS Louisa Jordan field hospital. The eye-watering sum includes a £2.4million contract for an England-based firm to provide clean bedding for the temporary facility, which has yet to treat a single Covid-19 patient.

Scotland’s Covid Disaster

BY EFFIE DEANS There are four European countries with populations of about five million: Denmark 5,799,640 757 Covid deathsFinland 5,545,596 369 Covid deathsSlovakia 5,462,617 510 Covid deathsNorway 5,436,637 294 Covid deathsScotland 5,454,000 3280 Covid deaths Scotland is not listed as a European country, because it is not an independent sovereign nation state, but rather a region of the United Kingdom that happens to be called…

Coronavirus Scotland: NHS Glasgow and Clyde to trial drug which may ‘kill off’ Covid-19

A new clinical trial for a potential early treatment of Covid-19 has been launched in Scotland, which researchers hope may help “kill off” the virus in affected patients. More than 300 coronavirus patients will be invited to join the research study into the effectiveness of the antiviral drug favipiravir.

Scotland’s emergency service workers should get all the mental health support they need – Scotsman comment

They include police officers who run towards potentially fatal danger as others flee, firefighters who brave blazing infernos and free motorists trapped and barely alive after a road accident, and paramedics with the skills to bring people back from the brink of death.

Nicola Sturgeon showing ‘lack of urgency’ for weekly Covid tests across the NHS

Nicola Sturgeon has rejected calls for an immediate roll-out of weekly testing across all NHS staff. The First Minister was responding to long-running demands to expand routine testing in line with care homes. The Scottish Green Party, who asked for more surveillance in hospitals as the country braces for winter, said all staff should have been given routine tests months ago.

SNP health minister wanted to stop freedom of information during Covid-19

Scotland’s health secretary wanted to suspend freedom of information (FoI) legislation in response to the coronavirus pandemic, according to internal government emails obtained by The Ferret. Jeane Freeman MSP made the request as the government was preparing emergency legislation in response to Covid-19, in response to a request for ministers to suggest items they felt were “urgently required”.

Coronavirus pandemic damaging health and well being due to loneliness among elderly

Social distancing has increased feelings of loneliness and is affecting the wellbeing of the older generation, according to a new study. The research, by the University of Stirling, found loneliness in over-60s had a negative impact on health and wellbeing. The study also discovered many were facing increased loneliness due to social distancing caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Sturgeon’s Test & Protect is performing five times worse than previously claimed

NICOLA Sturgeon’s key Test and Protect system is performing up to five times worse than previously claimed, a bombshell report shows. Staff at the virus defence scheme failed to contact around half of recent positive cases within 24 hours of being told of their swab results, revised official stats reveal.

Edinburgh GP suffering from Long Covid brands lack of clinics a ‘slow motion car crash’

Thousands of Scots are thought to be experiencing so-called Long Covid with no prospect of treatment – with one GP describing the situation as a “slow motion car crash.” An investigation by BBC Scotland found that none of Scotland’s 14 health boards currently offer dedicated Long Covid clinics, despite calls to follow NHS England’s £10m pledge for such facilities.

Residents die at Covid-hit Bannockburn care home

Residents have died and almost 50 people have tested positive for Covid-19 in a massive outbreak at a Bannockburn care home. Fairview Care Home has been in lockdown since November 3 following an initial surge of cases. In an update to the Observer, operators HC One confirmed that 28 residents have tested positive for Covid-19, alongside 21 staff members.

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