PM promises biggest investment in the military since Cold War | ITV News

The prime minister is to unveil what is billed as the biggest programme of investment in Britain’s armed forces since the end of the Cold War. Boris Johnson will set out a four-year financial deal for the Ministry of Defence (MoD) to “transform” the military with the promise of cutting-edge capabilities in the future battlefields of cyber and space.

‘Delusional’ SNP demand Royal Navy bases ‘major’ warships in Scotland

The party outlined its hopes as part of a number of proposals by the SNP for the integrated review of foreign and defence policy, restating its opposition to Trident and calling for a greater focus on ‘regional security in the high north’.

Prime Minister to launch ‘space command’ in Scotland

The programme forms part of a £16.5bn spending pledge aimed at boosting the UK’s defence.

Two Russian Spy Ships Operating Near Important Military Base In Scotland – Naval News

Two Russian Navy intelligence gathering ships have taken up position off the British coast. H I Sutton has the story. The Russian Navy has a sizable fleet of dedicated intelligence gathering ships. Festooned with antenna, their crews listen in to other country’s communications, and analyze radar and other military transmissions.

Army on standby to roll out covid vaccine by Christmas says UK Health Secretary

The army is on standby to help NHS staff roll out a Covid-19 vaccine across the UK before Christmas, Matt Hancock has said. The UK Health Secretary said there were many hurdles to overcome but said the NHS was leading work to get a vaccine to those most in need as soon as possible.

How Scottish independence would threaten Britain’s defence

T HE GARELOCH seems a tranquil place. At its northern tip there is a tiny village with a pub, a café and a welding shop. But the ramshackle camp on the loch’s eastern shore, whose signage exhorts that there be “nae bombs, anywhere!”, hints at its unusual nature.

F-35 jets on HMS Queen Elizabeth complete live weapons training

The F-35B Lightning jets have stepped up to the next level of training after the pilots completed their carrier qualification in both day and night time conditions. 617 Squadron, ‘The Dambusters’, and the US Marine Corps’ VMFA-211 jets, spent three days on exercise, dropping 500lb Paveway IV high explosive bombs onto a dedicated range off the coast of the UK.

Aircraft return to RAF base now ‘back in business’ after £75m revamp

A major Scottish RAF base has reopened its runways after a £75 million revamp. RAF Lossiemouth in Moray welcomed the return of aircraft to the Moray station yesterday after major works were completed. The Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) awarded a £75 million contract for the airfield operating surfaces project to VolkerFitzpatrick in August 2019.

Ex-British Army chief urges public to support veterans with Tommy Club – Evening Express

A former head of the British Army is calling on members of the public to join his new veterans support club, which aims to help ex-servicemen and women into work. Launched by General Lord Richard Dannatt, who served as chief of the general staff from 2006 to 2009, the Tommy Club will raise funds for those who have served in the armed forces.

Royal Navy’s new torpedo to enter service after extensive trial in Scotland

The world’s most advanced torpedo is on the cusp of entering service with the Royal Navy after extensive trials in Scotland. The upgraded Spearfish – the principal weapon of the UK’s Submarine Flotilla against enemy ships and submarines – was ‘fired’ repeatedly at frigate HMS Sutherland as scientists, engineers and sailors study its performance.

Battle of Britain: Why we must always remember the ‘Few’ – Scotsman comment

Eighty years ago today, a decisive battle took place over the skies of Britain. Adolf Hitler sent some 1,120 aircraft to attack London but they were defeated by a force of 630 RAF fighter planes and, just two days later, the Nazi dictator cancelled his plan to invade.

UK To Build New Base East Of Suez To Enhance Presence In Region

The UK has pledged a further £23.8 million to upgrade logistics facilities at Duqm Port in Oman. The UK is preparing to make its presence known east of Suez once again. Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said: “The long-standing friendships between the UK and the Gulf states are more important than ever.