Think Tanks

The Institute for Fiscal Studies is an economic research institute based in London, UK, which specialises in UK taxation and public policy. It produces both academic and policy-related findings.

The Fraser of Allander Institute (Strathclyde University) is a reliable source of Scottish economic analysis. Fairly scathing about the SNP’s Growth Commission report.

The Institute for Public Policy Research is the UK’s pre-eminent progressive think tank which specialises in research on economic, social and political sciences.

The Scottish Centre on European Relations (SCER) is an independent, unaligned think tank that provides up-to-the-minute analysis of European Union developments and challenges, with a particular focus on Scotland’s EU interests and policies.

Reform Scotland is a public policy institute which works to promote increased economic prosperity and more effective public services based on the principles of limited government, diversity and personal responsibility.

Scotbuzz is Scotlands fastest growing business news and current affairs website at the moment. Its primary purpose is to promote enterprise and endeavour across all areas of public life in Scotland.

Think Scotland is the place where defending free markets and free thinking is paramount. Wide range of articles and thought pieces on most aspects of Scottish and British politics.