Example 1 – Complex Issue

Topic  – Nationality

Current Situation – The vast majority of people living in Scotland are British citizens.

SNP’s vision ‘post separation’

Ref/Source- The 2013 white paper ‘Scotlands Future’ states on Page 16 that “we will ensure that British citizens habitually resident in Scotland on independence will automatically be considered Scottish citizens” and that this will include British citizens with Dual citizenship with another country and says that people born in Scotland but currently living outside of Scotland will automatically be considered.  Citizens will have the right to acquire a Scottish passport.

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Example 2 – Simple Issue

Topic – Blue Badges for disabled parking

Current situation – Applications and approval for Blue badges in Scotland are done through the local authority but appear to be printed and registered as part of a UK wide scheme.  (Incidentally, they cost £20 in Scotland, £10 in England and are free in Wales – why the difference?)

Ref/Source – Notice of approval of a recent application came via a uk.gov email. Badge, when received, has no mention of Scotland but accompanying paperwork is from Transport Scotland and Scottish local authority.

SNP’s vision ‘post separation’ – Not known

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