One of these days the Indy debate will start up again – let’s be ready for them!

How will separation actually happen? What will it cost? How long will it take? What will we lose? 

How will it affect: citizenship, national debt, disabled parking (seriously!), Trident, defence, employment, trading standards, cross border utilities, pensions and benefits…

Brexit has made us all wiser to the value of credible information to inform any debate prior to voting on crucial issues.

Scotland Matters is compiling a list of issues that need to be addressed if Scotland votes to become independent. We will create a list of these issues for our networkers, politicians, media, bloggers, tweeters and Facebookers.

These hard questions can be used to stop a future ‘Yes’ campaign and the SNP telling blatant lies, as they did during 2014 and will address the ‘grassroots’ concerns of all Scottish citizens.

As a result, we need your input: If you have an issue regarding separation from the UK, the cost of the set-up of a new state and what the long term consequences would be for an independent Scotland, (to see some examples of what we’re looking for, please click here) please enter it in the form below:

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We know more than the SNP. Our network consists of people with exposure to diverse aspects of business, industry, retail, energy, agriculture, manual workers, NHS, care workers, legal, technical, armed forces, political, charities, academia, local govt. politics, religion, education, finance and many others.

So let’s start asking the hard questions.