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Swinney is Jolly Awful, Daily Record, H Leishman, 16/11/20

SCOTLAND doesn’t have to look far for an “unlucky omen” – just look and listen to Deputy First Minister John Swinney when he appears on your TV screen. He reminds me of the late Rikki Fulton as Reverend I M Jolly in Scotch and Wry with his dryness when explaining anything to the Scottish public. He seems to be the Government messenger in breaking bad news, whether it’s anything to do with the coronavirus pandemic, educational issues or the handling of university students’ Christmas break. His latest escapade is dealing with the Scottish Government’s failure in handing over legal documentation on the botched complaints against Alex Salmond, which Swinney said he was not doing at this time. I am confident that Rev I M Jolly would have made a better job of it than this motley crew. Amen to that. Hamish Leishman, Kilsyth, Stirlingshire.

Been there…The Scotsman, D Carmichael, 16/11/20

Leah Gunn Barrett said in her letter (14 November): “…when Scots decide to restore their nationhood it should be decided in one clean vote”. Has it not already been decided in one clean vote? DONALD CARMICHAEL Orchard Court, East Linton

Failing the test, Daily Mail, G Edwards, 16/11/20

WE have been bombarded by SNP spin making out that the Scottish Government’s Test and Protect scheme is world beating. Really? It will be interesting to see how Nicola Sturgeon either allows Covid to progress by not moving areas up a tier – or shuts everything down at the most com-mercially sensitive time of the year. Either way is a failure. The way things are going, the only function of Test and Protect will be to try to keep Miss Stur-geon’s ‘near virus elimination’ poll leads intact. That looks to be heading for failure too. GERALD EDWARDS. Glasgow.


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  1. Charles o donnell

    Swinney has failed with named person, illegal, dirty filthy sex education, 2014 swinney report saying Indy Scotland unable to afford pensions, complete failure on education


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