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A vote for the SNP is a vote to escape Brexit.” @NicolaSturgeon says as an independent country, Scotland would be in a “unique” position to ‘act as a bridge between the UK and the EU’ making them “a magnet for global investment”. Get #GE2019 news hereπŸ‘‰

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A detail, audit-trailed response to Ian Blackford’s amazing “Scotland has subsidised the rest of the UK in most of the last 40-year period” claim should interest @adamboultonSKY and @FactCheck among others

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Sturgeon may shine on national TV… but Scots viewers can see the tarnish

PRIME-time televised political debates have a nasty habit of producing unexpected consequences. Affable Nick Clegg became an unlikely superstar in 2010 after taking the podium alongside David Cameron and Gordon Brown. A pale, sweaty Richard Nixon lost out in a 1960 TV clash with JFK after the more telegenic Kennedy, wearing makeup, coasted to victory.

Culture of secrecy and spin must be purged from NHS

SCOTLAND’s premier growth industry under the SNP is the public inquiry – and be in no doubt that business is booming. Institutional child abuse, a trams fiasco, the death of a man in police custody: all have been, or will be, subject to formal probes.

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Much more interesting than the content of this story is the fact the National published it.

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Sir Rod Stewart says Scottish independence would be a shame, and the usual vile Scottish nationalists can’t wait to let their feelings be known. He’s English you see, so he isn’t allowed to have a view point.

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Really good to see @NicolaSturgeon welcome this boost for Scottish engineering jobs & expertise. Oh, wait…

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Rebuked last March for misusing Health figures Nicola now in the dock for misleading use of employment numbers. Misusing? misleading?. Why not just call her a liar? @cultfree54 @2351onthelist @mmjblair @AgentP22 @Maureen6Johnson @graeme_from_IT @DrW0mbat @JohnLeoNo1087 @Bibbeth6

Yesterday’s men and Sturgeon’s cynical bid to revive their flagging careers

LIKE an ageing Hollywood ham given a late-career second shot at the big time, John Nicolson is back on the election trail. Defeated two years ago in his former constituency of East Dunbartonshire, at the hands of Jo Swinson, he is now the SNP candidate for Ochil and South Perthshire.

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I am grateful to all of those who have contributed to our crowdfunder over the last 12 hours. Thank you very much. we have now reached our minimum target with a stretch target of Β£8,000. The more we raise, the more we can do to get our message across.

Allan Sutherland on Twitter

Brilliant article on tactical voting.

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I hope in his heart @mgoldenmsp knows this comment was deeply ill judged and beneath him. Now more than ever, decent politicians should be united in welcoming people who choose to make Scotland their home – whether they come from England, like my late grandmother, or elsewhere.

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R/T Feorlean: Good to chat with Maggie Kinloch at the Citizen’s Assembly event in Edinburgh Castle tonight , along with Scottish Makar JackieKayPoet and members of the Assembly from #Arran

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Unmissable edition of Through the Keyhole tonight – STV 9pm. Don’t miss it. πŸ˜‰

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Nicola Sturgeon says Scottish independence is more likely than ever, but yesterday Scottish Secretary and local MP Alister Jack told us that the government would not support a second referendum.

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@cameroni2009 Which parts of the entry requirements do you think we meet. It’s worth remembering that Spain will veto any approach.

The SNP knows selling the truth is a complete non-starter

By Graham Grant CHAIRMAN Mao once called for ‘constant propaganda among the people on the facts of world progress and the bright future ahead’. His regime was responsible for up to 70million deaths so the future was far from bright for large swathes of the population, whom he considered expendable.

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Ouch! Sturgeon may be in Germany receiving some media prize tonight, Der Spiegel however, is less than impressed with “Populist Sturgeon” and reckon the award is a mistake.

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To commemorate the decision of the Scottish people to remain in the UK 5 years ago, please enter the ‘Parcel O’ Rogues’. A gallery of #SNP’s huge number of criminals, convicts, the accused and their many odious fellow travellers. Who better to open it?

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Get the popcorn ready…

“They are running scared” Readers react to petition requiring two-thirds majority for independence referendum

A campaign to raise the bar for a second independence referendum by insisting any constitutional change must be backed by two-thirds of voters has sparked debate amongst our readers. The Herald reported today that The Scotland Matters group has lodged a petition at the Scottish Parliament on the issue.

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My piece for Scottish Daily Mail on the Β£941m shortfall in Scottish tax revenues due to lower growth in Scotland. SNP need to take responsibility, lower taxes and back enterprise.πŸ‘‡

Class war is the dying groan from Sturgeon’s zombie government

By Graham Grant IN damning figures sneaked out over the summer recess, Scotland was revealed as the drug death capital of the developed world. You might have thought prolific tweeter Nicola Sturgeon would have taken to social media to comment on this social catastrophe.

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Poll after poll shows Scots don’t want #indyref2, so the SNP are cooking up ever more extreme ideas to get their way such as an illegal referendum. Scotland can rely on the @ScotTories to stand up against this.

Long-term view? No, we’ll just take a look out of the window…

By Graham Grant HERE’s a cheap and easy method of putting your mind at rest if you’re worried about the economy – look out the window. For small business owners hammered by sky-high rates, or workers suffering cold sweats over an income tax hike, it could be just the ticket.

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Anybody else would have been through the system. Why so long ?? BBC News – Alex Salmond trial ‘will start next year’

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What did the SNP ever do for us? Screwed up the Queensferry Crossing. Screwed up the new Edinburgh Sick Kids Hospital. Screwed up the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Glasgow. And that’s just for starters.