SNP’s shameful record; Is an untruth the same as a lie?; All about Indy, even during covid

SNP’s shameful record, Daily Mail, B Young, 12/01/21.

THE humble crofter Ian Blackford is keen to remind us all just how high Nicola Sturgeon’s approval ratings are. Quite what that says about the judgment of those surveyed, I will leave others to decide. I just wonder if those who so blindly worship our Supreme Leader have given any thought as to who might have the ability to succeed her as First Minister among her Cabinet? Poorly qualified, over-promising, under-deliverers, one and all. If proof were needed, take a peek at Scotland’s rankings in age mortality, Covid mortality, drug-deaths, academic attainment and productivity tables worldwide. Shameful doesn’t come close to describing it. Tragic is nearer the mark. BILL YOUNG, Glasgow.

Want some advice on how to drive out the SNP in May 2021? Watch our one minute ‘quick clips’ with Geroge Galloway, leader of the Alliance for Unity party by clicking here.

All about Indy, even during covid, Daily Record, W Ballantine, 12/01/21.

EVEN in discussing the economic recovery from the pandemic, John Swinney thinks another referendum on independence is an “essential priority”. Even in a serious health crisis, and an economic mess, all he can think about is independence. William Ballantine.

How are the SNP handling your child’s education? Not well, it turns out. Click below to read more:

Is an untruth the same as a lie?, The Courier, R James, 12/01/21.

Former first minister Alex Salmond says that Nicola Sturgeon gave untrue accounts to the Scottish Parliament. Is that the same as lying? Ronald James. Kirriemuir, Angus

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