SNP manifesto done and dusted, Better together, SNP have no economic plan.

SNP manifesto done and dusted, The Herald, D Bone, 18/12/20.

SNP manifesto done and dusted SO, an SNP MP tried to steal a symbol of royal authority, caused a ruckus in Westminster, protested against Brexit, blamed the Tories and their “Labour bedfellows” of not caring about Scotland, and was accused of holding another “boring stunt” in what can only be seen as a show of exuberant and hollow identity politics meant for a minority of the “domestic” audience in Scotland. Looks like the next SNP manifesto has written itself this time. David Bone, Girvan, South Ayrshire.

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Better together, Daily Mail, J Stephenson, 18/12/20.

It is now less than five months until the Holyrood election in May. It is beyond time for the Conservatives, Labour and Lib Dems in Scotland to put their differences aside for the duration of the campaign. Standing separate candidates in constituencies is a recipe for failure, and for massive harm to their own parties. They need to agree on the candidate best placed to defeat the SNP and support that candidate. Three pro-Union parties standing against one separatist party is nonsense. We have seen recently how these parties can co-operate, with the sterling work done by Jackie Baillie, Alex Cole-Hamilton and Murdo Fraser on the Sal-mond inquiry. Why is it so difficult to replicate this for an election? JILL STEPHENSON, Edinburgh

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Unhealthy attitude, Daily Mail, Herald, G Edwards, 18/12/20.

DOES Nicola Sturgeon make balanced decisions or is her mind made up already? She has always been wary of allow-ing much leeway at Christmas because she is fixated upon health alone. There are other important factors to take into account, but these are increasingly ignored. It is the same with independence. It is not a clear-cut issue either, but Miss Sturgeon thinks it is. This is not a healthy way to assess anything. GERALD EDWARDS, Glasgow.

SNP’s economic plan ‘well-hidden’, The Press and Journal, D Phillip, 18/12/20.

Sir, – Further to Willie Dunbar’s assertion in his letter, (The Press and Journal, December 15) that the UK is wasting money on expenditure for which Scotland has no need, I question two particular examples he provides, namely lots of civil servants and big debt’: Public sector employment in Scotland is 21% whilst in the UK it is about 16%. In simple terms that means the percentage figure for the public sector is significantly greater in Scotland than in the UK as a whole. The very recent significant increase in debt by the UK Government has been on behalf of all four nations of the UK in order to deal with the serious hit the economy has sustained as a result of Covid-19. The creditworthiness of the UK has enabled very substantial borrowing to be made. Realistically an independent Scotland would not have been able to match either the level of borrowing or the cost-effectiveness of the sums required. The SNP economic forecasting in “Scotland’s Future” was seriously in error by totally misjudging the future oil price. Regrettably, many independence supporters mistakenly believe what they were told in 2014 by Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon, just as Trump supporters still believe their election was stolen. Scotland’s financial status is realistically reflected in terms that current expenditure is not matched by taxable income. The Scottish statisticians and economists present a realistic assessment of the situation. Unless the SNP have a very well-hidden economic masterplan, independence is totally impractical. Sturgeon has absolutely zero economic credibility. David Philip, Knockhall Way, Newburgh

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