We rely primarily on volunteers many of whom have used their own money thus far. Any funds donated will be used to support the activities of the Scotland Matters Network at the discretion of the steering committee.

One of our networkers has agreed to fulfill the function of treasurer and we have a number of signatories for the bank account. Our intention is that any organised event will raise sufficient money to cover costs, but donations are required to finance some of the IT support and administrative functions as we grow.

Any residual funds left over when the SNP is no longer in government and the network no longer needed, will be distributed to Scottish based charities chosen by the steering committee.

If you would like to donate to our cause, please do so by clicking the donate button below. Any contribution would be welcome and will go towards defeating the threat of Scotland seceding ruinously from the rest of the UK.

Please click here to visit our Paypal account and donate to our campaign.