Scotland Matters regularly upload the best anti-separatist letters that we find in the newspapers. Please click on the image to view the full letter:

The Courier, 07/12/19
The Daily Express. 02/12/19
The Courier, 04/12/19
The Daily Record, 05/12/19
The Sunday Times, 01/12/19
The Daily Express, 28/11/19
The Herald, 28/11/19
The Herald, 22/11/19
The Courier, 25/11/19

The Daily Mail, 26/11/19
Daily Express, 15/11/19
‘The power of tactical voting’, 17/11/19
Pensioner perks just a plea for more votes’, 22/11/19
Aberdeen Press and Journal
‘Nats have nothing apart from party propaganda’, Daily Express, 12/11/19
The Herald, 14/11/19
The Daily Record, 30/10/19

The Herald, 09/11/19

The Daily Express, 07/11/19
‘Relentless SNP tax Grab’, Scottish Daily Mail, 30/10/19
Scottish Mail on Sunday, 03/11/19
‘Kids corner’, The Scotsman, 06/11/19
The Herald, 22/10/19
‘Anonymous abuse a source of shame’, Press and Journal, 24/10/19
‘SNP early election call is a dangerous ploy’, Edinburgh Evening News, 29/10/19′
Scotland on Sunday, 20/10/19
‘Brexit and Scexit Turmoil’, Allan Sutherland
‘Education falling below standard’, 21/10/19
‘We deserve better’, Daily Record, 12/10/19
‘Free to March’, Regina Erich.
Scottish Daily Express, 15/10/19
Scotland on Sunday, 06/10/19
Press and Journal, 08/10/19

The Herald, 09/10/19
Letter by Jill Stephenson on how the recent high court judgement reinforces the strength of the Union
Letter by Allan Sutherland on the need for a sensible housing policy from the Scottish Government
Letter by Dennis Grattan on the negativity of the SNP regarding Brexit and the potential long-term effects on the economy.
Short but effective letter from William Loneskie on the potential consequences of ‘Scexit’.
letter by Keith Howell on the use of the word ‘fear’ by Scottish Separatists.
Letter by Dr Richard Marsh on the SNPs lack of concern and understanding over the economy,
Letter from Conrad Ritchie on how the uncertainty over Brexit is playing into the hands of Nicola Sturgeon.
Letter from Allan Sutherland on the potential ‘non-aggression pact’ between the unionist parties in Scotland.

Letter from David Bone on how Scotland has changed since 2014.
Letter from Martin Redfern on the use of a potential election for further grievance politics by the SNP.
Letter from William Ballantine on why the SNP’s obsession with more powers doesn’t extend to local government.
letter from Dennis Grattan on the Edinburgh Children’s Hospital.
Letter from Keith Howell on the manufactured grievance of Nicola Sturgeon over ‘Brexit’ and how the union with the UK remains more important to Scotland than the EU.
Short and to the point letter from Dennis Grattan on the what the majority in Scotland want.
Letter from Allan Sutherland on the number crunching that would be required by the SNP to claim a mandate for another indyref.
Letter in the Sunday Herald on how Scotland seceding from the UK would compound the current political uncertainty.
Letter in The Herald by David Bone on the lack of planning for a potential ‘Scexit’ back in 2016.

Letter in the Daily Record on the recent rumors of Derek MacKay, who is tipped to replace Nicola Sturgeon.

A series of letters on the future wording of any potential independence referendum and the need for a clear majority.

Letter in Scottish Daily Express on the wording of another independence referendum.
Letter from Graham Wyllie on the unintended consequences of devolution.
Letter in The Times, from Martin Redfern on the Salmond court costs scandal.
Letter in The Shetland Times concerning fishing policy.
Letter from Jill Stephenson, bemoaning the failing standards in health and education in Scotland,
Letter from Allan Sutherland on the difficult job the SNP have to secure votes in another indyref.
Letter from Allan Sutherland on the need for a Scottish Unity Party.
letter from Carole Ford on the disappointing decline of Scottish education
Letter from Jane Lax on the disservice Scottish education is doing to its students