Put lives before Indyref; Publish daily vaccine figures; 80% of Indy supporters don’t know when Burns night is

Put lives before Indyref, Daily Mail, G Wyllie, 07/01/21.

‘Never give a sucker an even break’. This was the catchphrase of one of my maths teachers in the Sixties. It now looks as though it is in Nicola Surgeon’s little book of pet phrases as she insists there is no reason for delaying either the May election or her fanatical drive for Indyref 2. Clearly, despite her assertions to the contrary, Covid takes second place to her lifelong dream of an independent Scotland. Why the rush for bits of paper to be put in a box – aren’t people’s lives and wellbeing more important? Could it be self-preservation as reports, inquiries and an endless assortment of negativity threaten her political standing’) The last thing Miss Sturgeon wants is May to be an election based on her administration’s lack of performance, so she pushes ahead knowing those older `nae sayers’ will be fearful of venturing out to polling stations whilst her zealots will be queued around the corner to register their adulation. It looks as though my old maths teacher might have been referring to politicians of his day. As one of the tuckers’, little has changed in 60 years.

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Publish daily vaccine figures, The Herald, P McPhail, 07/01/21.

Publish daily vaccine figures THE Covid vaccination programme is probably the most vital and important public health exercise in modern history. Notwithstanding, given comments made be either Nicola Sturgeon or Jeane Freeman over the last 72 hours, I have heard or read at least six different versions of their expected Covid vaccination timetable in terms of who will be vaccinated and by when. This is a disgrace. Once again, like the flu jab fiasco, John Swinney’s education mess-up last year and other examples too many to mention here, this indicates this SNP administration’s complete inability to manage anything effectively or efficiently. Since March last year, Ms Sturgeon has managed to find ample resources to both compile and produce her daily political broadcast – sorry, Covid update – so why can she now not find resources to deliver a daily update on vaccination progress against a clearly articulated timetable? This is what we want to hear from her, not her ongoing, daily, repetitive political jibes, nor her monotonous and very divisive independence monologue.

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80% of Indy supporters don’t know when Burns night is, Daily Record, William McCarron, 07/01/21.

IF THE people who shout for independence were asked, I reckon about 80 per cent would not be able to tell you when St Andrew’s Day or Burns Night is.

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