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Poor Show, The Scotsman, T Jackson, 20/11/20.

An opinion poll yesterday suggests that significantly more Scots think Nicola Sturgeon has handled the Covid pan-demic better than Boris Johnson. It is a pity that the poll did not ask about Nicola Sturgeon’s performance compared with those of similarly sized European countries of 5 million. Sadly, Scotland’s death rate from Covid is significantly higher than four Europe-an countries with such populations, ie Denmark, Fin-land, Slovakia and Norway. Indeed. Scotland’s death rate is 10 times worse than Norway. With Scotland’s geography and population density, Scot-land should at least be doing as well as these countries but it has contrived to do worse. eg by sending elderly people. sick with Covid. back to care homes. The myth about Nicola Sturgeon’s Covid performance needs to be exposed. Failure to do so will assuredly add to Scots’ mistaken belief that it would be better If Scotland were independent from the rest of the UK. TIM JACKSON Whim Road, East Lothian

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Blame Blair and Brown, Daily Mail, J Stephenson, 20/11/20.

Gordon Brown admits that he and Tony Blair were naive to believe that devolution would strengthen the Union. So he is waking up at last? Why not just say ‘Tam Dalyell was right’? The West Lothian question has never been answered. Having a party in power in Scot-land that does not want to make devolution work, because all it wants is independence, is a disaster for both Scotland and the UK. Blair and Brown imagined that Holyrood and Westminster would work together. Fat chance when the wreckers control Holyrood – and pretty much all of Scotland with their centralisation, cronyism and incompetence. Scotland and the UK have been damaged, I hope not fatally, by Blair and Brown, and also by David Cameron who insouciantly allowed Alex Salmond to choose the terms of the 2014 referendum. Boris Johnson could have chosen his words more judiciously when he called devolution ‘a disaster’, but it seems that he is by no means alone in his view. He is not, however, to blame for the mess that we are now in as a result of the SNP’s constant undermining of the UK. That responsibility lies squarely with some of his predecessors. JILL STEPHENSON, Edinburgh.

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SNP’s record is terrible, Daily Record, G Robertson, 20/11/20.

WHERE is W Ellis (Record Readers, Wednesday) staying? The SNP’s record is terrible. Education is far worse since it came into power, the health service is a joke. I am disabled and speak from experience. The police force is struggling again. Tuition fees and prescriptions are not free, they are paid for with the highest tax in the UK. I am not a fan of Boris Johnson but the SNP has made a terrible job of devolution. The facts speak for themselves. Take off the blinkers. G Robertson. Edinburgh


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