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Scotland in Union

It’s a belief shared by the majority of Scots and millions of people from across the UK and beyond, regardless of age, gender and political identity. The tremendous dedication from people in Scotland committed to protecting our role in the UK and Scotland’s interests never fails to amaze us.

These Islands: Uniting Not Dividing

These Islands is a forum for debate that stands unabashedly for the view that more unites the people of the United Kingdom than divides them.

About us – Scottish Business UK

What is Scottish Business UK? Scottish Business UK (SBUK) is the voice of pro-Union business people operating in Scotland. As an apolitical, issue-led organisation, which promotes the positive case for Scotland remaining part of the United Kingdom, SBUK provides a voice for pro-union business leaders, to complement the wider effort to protect the union, without duplicating other existing initiatives.

Delivering for Scotland | The UK Government Scotland | GOV.UK

The UK Government is working to build a stronger, fairer, safer and more secure country that works for everyone in Scotland and the whole of the UK. The Delivering for Scotland website helps you find out more about the support we’re delivering for the country and how it affects you.

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