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NHS payment needs to be explained, The Press and Journal, F Macintosh, 09/12/20.

Sir, – You will be inundated with comments regarding the £500 payment to NHS staff decided on by the SNP hierarchy. It must have been a hard decision to whom it should be paid. As of yet, we have not been given enough information. Are all the NHS receptionists, porters, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, all testing labs, in fact, everyone within the NHS family without which the frontline staff could not have carried out their work, due to this handout? The SNP have for a long time been looking for a way to get what they see as the middle classes and the top professions on their side. The problem is that they know this is going to upset their current voters who, when thinking where their next meal is coming from, will be wondering why some of the top earners in Scotland are being rewarded for doing their job. Now, at last, we know what the SNP bigwigs feel about the majority of workers in Scotland. Posties, refuse collectors, council workers, supermarket and shop workers, firefighters, train and bus drivers, and many more, all in my mind essential workers that keep the realities of daily life flowing during an incredibly difficult time. Nicola Sturgeon has been prolific in explaining how good her administration has been in handling the events of the last nine months. Perhaps she could explain the decision on why and who should get these payments. Finlay G Mackintosh, Lochview, Forms, Moray.

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Past is being rewritten, Daily Record, J Stephenson, 09/12/20.

IN 1956, Nikita Khrushchev, the Soviet leader, accused dictator Josef Stalin of “the falsification of history”. In National 5 history in our schools, markers are now being instructed to give candidates credit for telling lies about a demonstration in George Square, Glasgow, in January 1919, and its dispersal. The hoary old myth is that Winston Churchill sent English troops and tanks to suppress the demonstration. This is the falsification of history. There was one tank – named Julian – in Glasgow in 1918, as part of a fundraising drive for the war effort. There were no tanks in Glasgow in 1919, at the time of the demonstration. There were no English troops deployed against the strikers. Yet this nonsense is being taught to Scottish children, and those who regurgitate it in an exam will get credit for doing so. This is where we are in SNP Scotland. Jill Stephenson, Edinburgh

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