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Scotland on Sunday, A Sutherland, 15/11/20

Newspaper letters pages and social media are abuzz with nationalist outrage at Alister Jack’s latest refusal to allow Indyref2, and glowing red with fantasy strategies for subverting the process. The same happened when George Osborne flatly refused to allow an independent Scotland to use the Pound The 2014 Indy campaign never recovered and all their ‘they canny dae that’ Section 30 bluster can’t hide the confusion and division Mr Jack has caused this time. And then along comes Sir John Major offering a ‘get out of Jail’ confirmatory vote which will encourage Scots to vote yes’ with their hearts, then waste years, and fuddle heads on interminable negotiations more aimed at winning the next referendum than agreeing on a robust treaty. The Government should turn the hose full on and publish the facts of Indyref life and Indy afterlife well before the Holyrood election, which looks like being a proxy Indyref. These ‘red lines’ should include what the question will be, who can vote, the threshold (two thirds, surely), that the UK wIll not be paying Scottish pensions, there must be a border before and after Scotland Joins the EU (if it can), the right of pro-UK voting council areas to stay in the UK, and the loss of UK citizenship and how to re-apply. Can anyone imagine Spain, Germany, Italy or the USA making it so easy for Bavaria, Catalonia, Lombardy or California to leave and break up their hard-won successful countries? Allan Sutherland, Stonehaven

Herald on Sunday, G Edwards, 15/11/20

The coverage of Sir David Omand’s new book was excellent. This highlights the difficulties posed by just one small but very important aspect of the push for independence that could become a major problem along with so many other topics, the hard border and usage or otherwise of sterling being at the top of the list. It is apparent that “independence” comes at not only a huge and unaffordable cost but it is not actually deliverable. Scotland can never be genuinely independent from England nor can it ever be an important part of the European Union. It is time for the nationalists to take off their rose-tinted glasses and perceive this reality. Scotland and England are joined by so much more than just geography and no political movement can break the myriad bonds that cement us. It is not a case of “better together”, we are permanently welded together. Dr Gerald Edwards, Glasgow


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