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The Herald, G Edwards, 14/11/20

Michael Gove has repeated the mantra of a Scottish independence referendum being once in a generation. He is quite right to take this viewpoint. The SNP is quick to say independence is now the “settled will” of the Scottish people. How can anyone say that after a few months of poll leads after decades of trailing behind? In particular, at this moment in time with the effects of the pandemic overshadowing everything else, this is a particularly vacuous statement. If independence is really the way forward then it will still be the case in 20 years’ time. If it is just the younger Scots who want this why not wait until the older generation has passed on? Independence will by its wry nature bring huge problems. If the population is all for it, it might work. If a large percentage feels alienated it certainly won’t. Dr Gerald Edwards, Glasgow G77.

The Herald, J Lax, 14/11/20

NICOLA Sturgeon has declared that Test and Protect is only missing its targets because people are not answering their phones. I await this excuse being used in future for all other missed targets: hospital targets will be missed because people keep getting ill, education targets will be missed because students don’t do their homework and pass exams, substance abuse targets missed because the addicts don’t try hard enough. Ms Sturgeon wants us to believe that the buck stops with her, but clearly, she keeps passing it on. Jane Lax, Aberlour.

Deja-vu at Trump’s refusal of defeat, Edinburgh Evening News, Alexander McKay, 14/11/20

Deja-vu at Trump’s refusal of defeat
Donald Trump and his hardline supporters’ refusal to acknowledge, let alone accept defeat in the Presidential election has a disturbing element of deja-vu . Here in Scotland, a group of hardliners also refused to accept a demonstrably clear democratic defeat in 2014 and continue to raise one inconsequence and irrelevance after another to prevent the will of the people being carried out. Mr Trump, in fact, is America’s Nicola Sturgeon. Alexander McKay, New Cut Rigg, Edinburgh.


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