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Kept in the Dark, The Press and Journal, M Openshaw, 08/12/20.

Kept in the Dark, The Press and Journal, M Openshaw, 08/12/20.

Ron Campbell’s comments on “Brexit boost for independence (Letters, December 3) is really an own goal. He condemns the UK Government for going ahead with their democratically-mandated commitment to the Brexit process amid a pandemic, saying it is “no wonder that support for independence is mushrooming”. Logic would dictate that if fulfilling a democratic obligation during a global crisis is unwise, then creating constitutional upheaval to overthrow a previous democratic decision, instead of concentrating on economic recovery, must be nothing short of madness. His use of the term “mushrooming” to describe the support for separation is very apt. It describes a situation where, instead of being able to make a judgment based on accurate information, a large section of the population, like mushrooms, are being kept in the dark and fed manure. Mark Openshaw, Eartswells Road, Cults, Aberdeen.

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Shop soiled, Daily Record, Hamish Leishman, 07/12/20.

FIRST Minister Nicola Sturgeon asked the public on social media to support small businesses during the lockdown. She must have forgotten that she closed non-essential businesses in the Central Belt for at least three weeks. I am sure there are thousands who would love to be able to shop in their local community but she curtailed that option. Hamish Leishman, Kilsyth, Stirlingshire

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SNP are a minority government; let’s keep it that way, The Herald, R Scott, 08/12/20.

CURRENTLY, the SNP heads a minority administration in the Scottish Parliament. Let’s keep it that way. Meantime, I would suggest that, as a temporary measure, the Unionist parties ought to form some sort of coalition to oust the Nationalists from office. The political scene at Holyrood has become a somewhat grim scene. There appears to be discontent on an ongoing basis Within the SNP ranks. A division has developed between Sturgeon and Salmond supporters. There is certainly little or no humour during the debate, merely a sense of bitterness. One can only surmise that any future independent Scotland if that phenomenon were ever to happen, would take on the form of a very grim political state. During the current pandemic outbreak, one would have thought that Nicola Sturgeon, and her acolytes, might just have come to realise how much Scotland’s economy relies on subsidisation from the Westminster Exchequer but, alas, no. They would appear to believe that Scotland is self-sufficient. And if the SNP’S projected model of an independent Scotland was ever admitted as a new state within the EU, Brussels would certainly not be as generous as Westminster has been in economic terms. Scotland would be treated on the same basis as, for example, Greece. The GERS figures relating to the Scottish economy continue to make grim reading and certainly will not improve in any way following the Covid outbreak. In her masterplan for Scottish independence, how indeed is Ms Sturgeon going to convince us, her more-aware Scots, that she will be able to tackle this most crucial of Scotland’s problems? I would suggest with all respect that she has no such answer. It is more likely that her overzeal-ous beliefs relating to Scottish independence can only lead to Scotland’s economic and political oblivion. Robert IG Scott, Ceres, Fife.

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