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Divorce Bill, The Scotsman, Jane Lax, 04/12/20.

Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t seem to understand how divorces work. When asked by Robert Peston if the UK being the first to administer a vaccine showed the benefits of being part of the Union. she said that “we would probably still choose to work together on things like drugs and vaccine approval. because it makes sense to do that given our geography. There is an assumption that the other side would wish to work with Scotland after separation: geography and demographics are what makes the Union work now. Scotland receives 11,633 more per capita than the UK average, which is possible due to the high GDP per capita in London and the south-east of England. We are stronger and richer due to the Union. When the SNP talk of leaving the United Kingdom while still expecting the benefits thereof, it reminds me of the young lad who decides he wants to be independent by leaving home but still needs mum and dad to help pay his rent and comes home to use the washing machine. That’s not how it works in the grown-up world, Ms Sturgeon. JANE LAX Aberlour.

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Sturgeon Unable to Say Thank You, The Press and Journal, Pauline Eggermont, 05/12/20.

Sir, – As the vaccine is soon to be rolled out across the UK, Scotland’s first minister refused, of course, to acknowledge and appreciate the hard work of the Westminster government in securing it, and the extraordinary efforts being made on plans to transport it across the UK. It actually fell to Linda Bauld, professor of public health at Edinburgh University, to thank the UK Government and acknowledge the fact that the UK was the first country to roll out a vaccine. It is quite shocking that Nicola Sturgeon’s bitterness continues to be part of our daily media. It is embarrassing for all Scots when their first minister cannot even bring herself to say a simple “thank you’: It’s time Scots stopped allowing one woman’s obsession with breaking up the UK to damage the reputation of Scotland. Pauline Eggermont, Drummond Place, Inverness.

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End of a Long Nightmare, The Herald, Alexander McKay, 05/12/20.

THE First Minister tells us that we are approaching the end of a long nightmare. For a moment my heart lifted and I forgot about the pandemic and blissfully thought she was referring to her party’s time in office. Alexander McKay, Edinburgh EH6.

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