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Devolution IS a disaster, Daily Mail, D Bone, 18/11/20

Devolution in its current form has been a disaster. Sadly, this nation is a hollow, welfare democracy that will soon be devoid of any meaningful institutions and traditions. Policing and teaching are mere branches of social work now, with the real jobs a secondary concern. We have an obnoxious, overbearing, paternalistic state that seeks to `help’ us while insidiously desiring the policing of our thoughts and habits in case we ‘offend’ someone or make the wrong dietary choice. The link between taxation and services is shattered to the point that a sizable minority of Scots see all services as ‘free’ rather than having economic, environmental and social limits that have to be paid for. And we are governed by an ideologically driven, nepotistic political class who have given us (so far) nothing but a decade of constant political uncertainty, even during the Great Recession and Covid-19 pandemic -two of the defining moments of my generation’s lifetime. I thought devolution was supposed to result in something better. Is this what Donald Dewar had in mind? DAVID BONE, Girvan, Ayrshire.

Decade of decline shows that PM is bang on, Daily Express, A Sutherland, 18/11/20.

HAS devolution been a disaster? it’s a godsend for the SNP but education and local government have declined, we now have a huge housing crisis, the NHS struggles to cope with an illness caused by obesity and our 3,280 Covid deaths compare terribly to other countries with similar populations. If it’s a disaster, it should either be fixed or scrapped. Neither will happen. Welcome to devolved Scotland. Allan Sutherland, Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire


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