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Cynical Approach, The Scotsman, David Bone, 02/12/20.

The squandering SNP bread and circuses roadshow continues unabated this week with Scotland’s own political King Croesus throwing yet more funds at another segment of Scottish society: this time the NHS. But what about the count-less teaching staff who have been in unsanitary environments since August without PPE and no social distancing? The always ignored support workers who have been on minimum wage for most of their careers in the third sector. People in retail, distribution, logistics and farming. Social workers. Postmen. The list could go on. However, this is the stand-ard operational tactic of the SNP; give money to one section of society to make your opponents look curmudgeonly, misogynistic, hateful, or (worst of all) “unkind”, further stifling and infantilising the quality of debate in Scotland, and hobbling the opposition. In the meantime, actual difficult political and economic decisions will be pushed to local authorities or to the private sector. To invert the famous phrase by President John F Kennedy to better reflect the Scottish government: “We do these things because they are easy and popular, not because they are hard’. DAVID BONE, Hamilton Street Girvan, South Ayrshire

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Santa Sturgeon, Daily Mail, Jill Stephenson, 02/12/20.

SANTA has come early this year. She (for it is ‘she’) is showering various groups – NHS workers, families with children on free school meals – with money as if it were confetti. Where the money comes from is, of course, the question. Perhaps it is from the £1 billion that the Fraser of Allander Institute think-tank identified as being unaccounted for, or the f8.2billion Covid money sent to Scot-land, both from Rishi Sunak, the UK Chancellor. He, however, will not receive the credit for it. The Scottish Government will see to it that it goes to Miss Santa, in advance of the Holyrood election. JILL STEPHENSON, Edinburgh.

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Votes rather than seats?, The Scotsman, Lewis Finnie, 02/12/20.

So, if Nicola Sturgeon is using local elections as a referendum and the “people of Scot-land” will sweep her to victory next May, will she accept votes cast rather than seats won? Lewis Finnie Newbattle Terrace, Edinburgh

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