Nicola Sturgeon wants indyref2 ‘early in next parliament’

Nicola Sturgeon has said a second independence referendum should be held “in the earlier part” of the next Scottish Parliament term. The SNP leader, who is also Scotland’s first minister, said her focus was currently on guiding the country through the pandemic. But she insisted that the UK government’s current opposition to indyref2 was unsustainable.

Former SNP Westminster leader contacted by Holyrood Salmond Inquiry

The SNP’s former Westminster leader has been contacted by the Holyrood committee investigating the Scottish Government’s botched probe into Alex Salmond. Angus Robertson was asked whether he had any communications with the First Minister regarding any allegations or formal complaints against Salmond about sexual harassment.

Our communities must be top priority not independence

EIGHT years ago I attended my first Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party conference. I remember it well. It was held in Troon and it was Ruth Davidson’s first ever conference as party leader – I was a young fresh-faced 15-year-old fired up and ready for change. Eight years on and a lot has changed.

Mark Smith: Withdrawn, remote and unconnected… the future I fear

I hope that, whatever crises I may face, whatever provocation is put in my way, I will tackle the problem with grace and dignity, just like Ian Blackford. At first, I thought Mr Blackford’s behaviour over an Englishman who lives in Scotland was aggressive, intolerant and embarrassing. But no.

‘Deepening crisis’ warning as social workers are ‘under siege’ dealing with Scotland’s smacking ban

SOCIAL workers are “under siege” and facing a “deepening crisis” due to workload fears linked to the Scottish Government smacking ban. That is the warning from Reasonable Scotland, a coalition of academics and parenting experts campaigning against the ban, which has said there is an impending rise in social work referrals and staffing issues following the introduction of the Children (Equal Protection) (Scotland) Act this month.

SNP: The week the gloves came off

George Kerevan looks at a week of growing tensions between the pro-independence grassroots and the SNP leadership. When the history books are written, it might be that the second week in November 2020 proved significant for the struggle for Scottish self-determination.

Nicola Sturgeon shamed for Covid ‘negligence’ in FMQs row amid Scotland care home horror

Nicola Sturgeon was grilled on her handling of coronavirus in Scottish care homes as the Crown Office investigates the deaths in care homes. Speaking in the Scottish Parliament, Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard said: “The Crown Office which is leading the investigation into care home deaths in Scotland.

How the SNP’s plans for next year show they don’t have best interests of Scotland at heart – Susan Dalgety

“New hope as every Scottish adult promised vaccine by spring,” read the splash, and as I perused the story, I could feel my spirits rise. The first doses of the vaccine will arrive in a couple of weeks’ time. Hurray! One million Scots will be given a Covid-19 vaccine by the end of January.

Alister Jack accuses Scottish Government of putting “nationalist interest ahead of the national interest”

Scottish Secretary Alister Jack has called for SNP ministers to work with the UK Government to help the country “build back better” after coronavirus, accusing the Scottish Government of putting the “nationalist interest ahead of the national interest”.

Ex-MP Galloway sets his sights on one more parliamentary battle – a by-election in Rutherglen

GEORGE Galloway, the former MP, is launching the “largest ever crowd-funder in the history of by-elections” to raise £100,000 to enable him to stand in any forthcoming contest in Rutherglen and Hamilton West. The prospect of a by-election has been raised after the sitting MP, Margaret Ferrier, sparked outrage in September after she travelled by train from London to Glasgow following a positive coronavirus test.

Douglas Ross hints at coalition with Labour to oust SNP from power in Holyrood

SCOTTISH Tory leader Douglas Ross hinted his party could seek a coalition with Labour in a bid to oust the SNP from power at Holyrood. Mr Ross said he would be willing to “work with anyone and everyone” to get Tory policies enacted.

‘Unreal’: Constituents’ fury grows 50 days after Ferrier broke Covid rules

Kelly Livingstone was half-watching the 10 o’clock news on Thursday 1 October when she noticed an image of the MP Margaret Ferrier flash up on the screen.

Scottish Labour will oppose IndyRef2 until at least 2026

Scottish Labour’s new constitution spokesman has said his party will oppose an independence referendum until at least 2026. MSP Anas Sarwar said it is up to the people of Scotland to decide their future, but added that Labour will not support indyref2 for the whole of the next Holyrood term.

Scottish government blocks two Alex Salmond inquiry witnesses

And he said the government was still attempting to agree with Mr Salmond’s lawyers what evidence can be released, and it could therefore not provide “uncontested documents, a timeline and a statement” about its handling of the complaints.

Boris was right: Scottish devolution has been a disaster | The Spectator

Boris Johnson says devolution has been a ‘disaster’. This has the rare quality for a Boris statement of being true but he, or rather the Scottish Tories, will be made to pay a political price for it. Barely had the contents of the Prime Minister’s remarks in a Zoom chat with northern MPs been report…

The Conservatives, Labour and the Lib Dems must work together to defeat SNP – Brian Monteith

If ever proof was required that the greatest threat to devolution in Scotland, indeed to democracy itself, is the Scottish National Party it is now being provided by the First Minister and her government.

Parliament backs plans to limit advanced access to stats for Scottish ministers

Currently, government ministers are given official statistics up to five days before they are published and can be seen by the public or other political parties. A Bill has been introduced that would only allow ministers advanced sight of new statistic one day ahead of publication.

The Scottish family under siege

Much has been made of the Scottish government’s intention to make saying incorrect things in the privacy of your own home a hate crime. Justice secretary Humza Yousaf, in his defence of the proposed Hate Crime Bill, said he sees no difference between expressing ‘hate’ in public and in the privacy of your own home.

Exclusive: Shock claims link Mark McDonald’s resignation to Salmond probe | Press and Journal

Ex-minister Mark McDonald was “thrown under a bus” to justify the creation of a Scottish Government policy that would snare Alex Salmond, it has been claimed. Members of the Aberdeen Donside MSP’s inner circle now believe his departure from government in November 2017 was linked to the handling of allegations against Mr Salmond.

Focus on saving lives and jobs, not indyref2, say Scottish Tories – Evening Express

Douglas Ross has said politicians should be focusing on saving lives and jobs instead of “constitutional division”, after a poll suggested most Scots favoured indyref2 if pro-independence parties win a majority next year. The Scottish Conservative leader called on all political parties to concentrate on tackling the coronavirus pandemic when he outlined his plans to support the oil and gas industry at an online event in Aberdeen.

Alex Salmond accuser made “disclosure” to official in Nicola Sturgeon’s office

A woman who lodged a sexual misconduct complaint against Alex Salmond had earlier made a “disclosure” to a top civil servant in Nicola Sturgeon’s office. John Somers, principal private secretary to the First Minister, received the information at a meeting weeks before a complaint was made to the Government about Salmond.

Voters Are Picking Ideology Over Competence on Both Sides of the Atlantic

The Scottish National Party’s record in government in Scotland is a litany of failures. Yet the SNP continues to ride high on the back of nationalist sentiment, and it seems virtually unassailable. With elections to the Scottish Parliament in Holyrood-a powerful body that now handles virtually all Scottish affairs save the military and foreign policy, thanks to devolution from the U.K.

Nicola Sturgeon is not so different to Donald Trump | The Spectator

Nicola Sturgeon sank to a new low this morning. The SNP leader bizarrely seemed to compare opposing a second independence referendum in Scotland to Trump refusing to concede the US election. As we’re seeing across the Atlantic just now, politicians who rage against democracy don’t prevail. Let’s n…

Downing Street: ‘Scotland’s independence issue is settled’

DOWNING Street has insisted that the constitutional debate in Scotland is ‘settled’ following remarks by the Scottish Secretary. Alister Jack, the Secretary of State for Scotland, suggested this morning that another vote could be held in “25 to 40” years, citing the infamous “once in a generation” claim.

Nicola Sturgeon and the dead-eyed Yesbots

Sometimes you can’t beat a Left-wing firebrand. Elaine Smith is an old-school socialist who speaks her mind where others might tread more delicately. There was nothing delicate about the Labour MSP’s broadside against the Scottish Government ahead of yesterday’s sham debate on Covid restrictions. MSPs were meant to get a proper debate and a vote but…

Devolution Will Never Appease the SNP

Last week, it emerged that the Conservative Government commissioned a report from Hanbury Strategy, a London-based consultancy firm, to offer strategic advice on how to keep the UK together.

‘East Germany levels of authoritarianism’ brewing for Scotland amid extreme hate speech bill

Spiked Online Editor Brendan O’Neill says “East Germany levels of authoritarianism” and tyranny are taking place in Scotland as the Scottish National Party p…

‘East Germany levels of authoritarianism’ brewing for Scotland amid extreme hate speech bill, Sky News, 29/10/20

Scotland is leading the way to totalitarianism – UnHerd

In the Soviet Union, not even the home was a refuge from the ears of the totalitarian state. Historian Orlando Figes, in his 2007 book The Whisperers: Private Life in Stalin’s Russia, quotes one Soviet woman’s memory of her childhood: “We were brought up to keep our mouths shut.

Salmond inquiry: The civil servant, the deleted text and ‘the battle and the war’ | Press and Journal

A civil servant has admitted deleting a controversial text sent to her by Scotland’s most senior official after Alex Salmond’s successful court action against the Scottish Government. Communications Director Barbara Allison had originally denied receiving the electronic message from Permanent Secretary Leslie Evans, which said: “Battle maybe lost but not the war”.

Resetting devolution now becoming an imperative if Britain is to survive – Brian Monteith

The reset needs to be for the whole of the United Kingdom – considering the experiences of Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast – but also the performance of England’s city mayors.

World View: Scottish momentum evidences need for new thinking

“New accommodation, new constitutional settlement, and co-operation rather than confrontation.” These are the strategies proposed to head off demands for Scottish independence by a political consultancy group advising UK cabinet office minister Michael Gove. They were leaked to Bloomberg this week amid strong pressure on the UK’s union.

Scottish devolution has been tested to destruction | The Spectator

The Scottish Tories are decidedly unenthusiastic about suggestions Westminster devolve further powers to the Scottish Parliament. A proposal to stave off independence by giving Holyrood additional financial powers and control over immigration, contained in a strategy memo leaked earlier this week, h…

IndyRef2 could take place ‘by end of 2021’ if Nats win at Holyrood election

SNP chief Mike Russell has insisted IndyRef2 could take place by the end of 2021. The Scottish Government constitution secretary said a second independence referendum “could take place, I’m quite sure, before the end of next year” if the Nats win May’s Holyrood elections.

Government loans help more than 79,000 Scottish businesses

MORE than 79,000 businesses in Scotland have benefited from special loans designed to help them through the pandemic, according to the UK Government. At least 76,000 loans worth more than £2.1 billion have been provided under the “bounce back” lending scheme, according to the Treasury.

The arguments that will win or lose indyref2 | The Spectator

Our latest poll in Scotland makes grim reading for unionists and offers much to celebrate for supporters of Scottish independence. Support for independence is now at a record high of 58 per cent. The SNP appear on course for a majority at next year’s Scottish parliamentary elections. And around two-…

SNP mocked for bizarre beef row: Nationalists branded ‘petty’ after Union flag complaint

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