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MSPs vote to establish Scottish national investment bank

Plans to establish the Scottish National Investment Bank were initially outlined by Nicola Sturgeon in 2017.

Leaders clash at FMQs over Scottish police funding

Nicola Sturgeon and Scottish Conservatives interim leader Jackson Carlaw have clashed over police funding at First Minister’s Questions. Mr Carlaw highlighted the condition of Scottish police stations as evidence of insufficient investment. Ms Sturgeon said it was Mr Carlaw’s party that was guilty of underfunding police services in the UK.

Drug deaths summit to take place in Glasgow

A UK-wide summit on tackling problem drug use will be held in Glasgow next month, it has been announced. Drug recovery experts, senior police officers and government ministers from all four UK nations will attend the event. The number of drug-related deaths in Scotland is at record levels, higher than that reported for any other EU country.

UK government rejects Sturgeon’s indyref2 demand

UK government formally rejects calls from Scotland’s first minister for a second independence referendum to be held this year.

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Minimum pricing ‘has no impact’ on underage drinking

A study by NHS Scotland has found that minimum alcohol pricing has had no impact on underage drinking.

Scottish budget to be announced on 6 February

The Scottish government is to announce its draft budget plans on 6 February. Finance Secretary Derek Mackay will set out his tax and spending proposals a month ahead of the UK budget, which will not be published until 11 March.

Pro-independence march under way in Glasgow

Tens of thousands of Scottish independence supporters have started to march through Glasgow in the first of a series of protests planned the coming year. The All Under One Banner (AUOB) march left Kelvingrove Park at 11:30 and is heading to Glasgow Green.

Scots judge takes over as Supreme Court president

Lord Reed has been sworn in as the new head of the UK’s highest court, succeeding Lady Hale.

Rail fares to go up across Scotland

Rail passengers across Scotland will have pay more for their journey after fares increased by an average of 2.4%

Rail fares to go up across Scotland

UK budget date ‘disrespectful to devolution’

UK government plans for a March budget are “disrespectful to devolution” and could have “profound consequences” for Scotland, Derek Mackay has warned. Chancellor Sajid Javid has announced he will set out his tax and spending plans on 11 March. Scottish ministers want to see these plans before drawing up their own, but will now have little time to do so.

Record numbers wait more than 12 hours in A&E

The number of patients waiting more than 12 hours to be treated at accident and emergency in Scottish hospitals has hit record levels. Latest figures show 987 people waited in excess of 12 hours to be admitted, transferred or discharged in November last year. It is a near five-fold increase on the same period in 2018.

Jacob Rees-Mogg rebukes SNP’s independence dream, quotes Nicola Sturgeon, “they’re not fruit flies”

After the Queen’s Speech, MP Pete Wishart repeated SNP’s stance and the demand for a new referendum. Jacob Rees-Mogg was not very much surprised about what he called “the Scottish independence or separatist question”.

Jacob Rees-Mogg rebukes SNP’s independence dream, quotes Nicola Sturgeon, “they’re not fruit flies”

Nicola Sturgeon, “Referendum is a once in a Generation decision” (2013-2014)

The 2014 IndyRef was ‘a once in a lifetime event’. However, no-one told us it was based on the lifetime of a hamster. This is doing the rounds again on social media. Share! Clips pre-18th Sept 2014.

Nicola Sturgeon, “Referendum is a once in a generation decision” (2013-2014)

Scotland Matters Interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 21st November 2019.

Allan Sutherland, David Bone and Donald Lewis met ABC to discuss Scotland Matters, and our view that the SNP’s hyped-up 2014 campaign, their 12 years of incompetent government, no answers on currency, EU, the deficit or cost and Brexit+ complexity of leaving and setting up a new country meand there is not sane csase for independence the General on Election.

Scotland Matters Interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 21st November 2019.

Labour UK Government could diminish appetite for independence, says Leonard

Richard Leonard has said he believes there would be a “diminished appetite” for Scottish independence if a Labour Government was elected.In an interview with the PA News agency ahead of the vote on December 12, the Scottish Labour leader said his party’s plans to invest in public services and communities across the country would offer a radical change to the Tories after a decade of austerity.He said Labour would commit to abolishing the House of Lords – replacing it with a second chamber for the nations and regions – in a bid to decentralise power in the UK.

Will Scotland Leave the UK?

What is going to happen now the Conservatives have a large majority and the SNP have taken over Scotland?

Sturgeon asked if she will ‘sue her way to indyref2’

Nicola Sturgeon has been pressed on whether she will “sue her way to indyref2” in the final First Minister’s Questions before Thursday’s general election. Scottish Conservative leader Jackson Carlaw challenged the First Minister over recent comments that she would “consider all options” if a request for a second independence referendum was refused by the UK Government.

A&E target figures are worst since start of 2018

Scotland’s Accident and Emergency departments have recorded their worst performance since January 2018, official figures have revealed. In the week to 3 December, 81.2% of patients in emergency departments were admitted, transferred or discharged within the government’s four-hour target. The government wants 95% of cases to be completed within four hours of arrival.

Jo Swinson: ‘Breaking up is hard to do’

The Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson has been campaigning in Scotland today, warning of the threat of a second referendum on Scottish independence.

Key battlegrounds in Scotland ahead of General Election

Some of the key marginals in this week’s General Election will be fought out in Scotland, with North East Fife held by the SNP on a majority of just two votes in the last ballot.Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson could have a battle on her hands in East Dunbartonshire, which

This is how Boris Johnson could win Brexit, but lose the United Kingdom

Updated December 06, 2019 20:14:33 Scottish Borders farmer Heather Anderson is trying to negotiate 150 turkeys out of her main shed. They gobble in unison and defiance as they refuse to go. They’ll be gone soon enough – all have been pre-sold and fattened for Christmas lunch.

Independence Not on Ballot, but on Voters’ Minds in Scotland

ST. ANDREWS, Scotland (AP) – Ask voters in this picturesque university town in eastern Scotland how they’re voting in next week’s election, and they’re likely to transition seamlessly from talking about which candidate they want to send to Parliament to discussing whether or not they want another bite at voting for Scottish independence, which voters rejected in 2014.

Sturgeon: Legal indyref2 is a ‘hard truth’

Nicola Sturgeon has said securing a legally-binding referendum is a “hard truth” to accept for some independence supporters. The first minister said she was working to get the powers to hold another vote transferred from Westminster. But she conceded there are some independence backers who want a Catalan-style unauthorised vote.

Swinson: SNP victory means ‘fresh’ indyref2 threat

The SNP will announce an independence referendum “within days” if they win more seats in the general election, Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson has claimed. Ms Swinson said it was therefore crucial that her party held on to its seats in Scotland in next week’s vote.

‘Cuts and indifference’ to blame for homelessness

Scottish Labour has said there is a “systematic failure” to address homelessness in Scotland. Party leader Richard Leonard said “Tory cuts and SNP indifference” have led to a rise in homeless applications. His party says it will fund the building of 120,000 social homes across Scotland in the next decade.

Will people vote tactically in Scotland?

One of the striking features of the electoral landscape in Scotland is that nearly every Westminster seat is marginal. At the last election, the winning party’s majority represented less than 10% of the vote in no less than 46 of the country’s 59 Westminster seats.

Glasgow: No easy fix for the victims of Scotland’s drug epidemic

People and politics correspondent @NickMartinSKY For a lot of people the beginning of December marks the beginning of the festive period. But for the thousands who seek out the darker quarters of Glasgow, this is merely another night in which the primary aim is to chase their next hit of the killer drug, heroin.

Sturgeon: ‘All options’ open if indyref2 blocked

Nicola Sturgeon has refused to rule out taking legal action if a Conservative government blocks a second Scottish independence vote. Appearing on BBC Breakfast the SNP leader said she would not hold a Catalan-style unauthorised vote. Ms Sturgeon was pressed on what her options would be given that Boris Johnson has repeatedly said he will not permit indyref2.

Fresh call for Edinburgh ‘tourist tax’

Transform Scotland has made a fresh call for a tourist tax to be introduced in Edinburgh. The Scottish government has been carrying out a public consultation on the use of a Transient Visitor Levy (TVL). The City of Edinburgh Council has said it would impose a £2 per night room charge fee if allowed.

Lib Dems pledge end to ‘constitutional chaos’

The Scottish Lib Dems have pledged to “build a brighter future” as they launched their election manifesto. Leader Willie Rennie said his party is the only one committed to “stopping Brexit and stopping independence”. And he argued that the country needs to move on from “constitutional chaos” and instead focus on the “issues that really matter”.

Sturgeon says election result will send ‘clear’ message on indyref2

At a converted warehouse on the banks of the Clyde, Nicola Sturgeon launched the Scottish National Party’s election manifesto today with a pledge to stop Brexit. Her party was the third largest at the last general election – and could be in a pivotal position if next month’s poll returns a hung parliament.

Jo Swinson wins court bid to stop SNP leaflet

Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson has succeeded in her bid to stop an SNP leaflet which accuses her of accepting a £14,000 donation from “a fracking company”. Ms Swinson asked the Court of Session in Edinburgh to stop the Royal Mail from distributing the leaflet in her East Dunbartonshire constituency.

Carlaw: ‘No indyRef2 if Tories win general election’

Jackson Carlaw has said there will be no IndyRef 2 for the duration of Boris Johnson’s premiership if the Tories are returned to power in the upcoming general election. SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon has said that she will request a Section 30 order to hold a second referendum by the end of next year.

Parents have ‘no confidence in NHS over water infection’

Parents of sick children treated at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow say they have no confidence in the NHS board and don’t believe they are being told the truth regarding infections from the water.

BBC Two – Newsnight, SNP will ‘escape chaos of Brexit’

The SNP launched their election manifesto with pledges on the NHS, welfare and defence. Their leader, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, has already made clear her plans for a second vote on Scottish independence and has now said there is “every chance” the SNP will hold the balance of power at Westminster after December’s general election.

STV poll: SNP on course for election landslide in Scotland

The SNP are set to make major gains in next month’s general election, an STV News poll has found, with the party surging at the expense of both Labour and the Conservatives. An Ipsos MORI survey for STV gives Nicola Sturgeon’s party an 18-point lead over their nearest rival, the Conservatives – on 44% to the Tories’ 26%.

‘Brexit has proven we should not go there again’

Scottish Lib Dem leader Willie Rennie said there should not be another independence referendum.

General election: Is the UK using Scottish resources to balance its books?

Business reporter @JPFordRojas Opponents of Scottish independence insist the country “is not good enough or rich enough to be independent”, says Nicola Sturgeon. But when those same Westminster politicians need to balance the books “they always seem to find billions of pounds of Scottish resources to do that for them”, the SNP leader claimed as she launched her party’s election manifesto.

BBC One – The Andrew Neil Interviews, Election 2019, Nicola Sturgeon

Andrew Neil interviews Scottish National Party leader Nicola Sturgeon.

Johnson claims Scotland ‘paralysed’ by SNP

Boris Johnson has “guaranteed” there will not be a Scottish independence referendum if the Conservatives win the forthcoming general election. The prime minister claimed Scotland had been “paralysed” by Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP over the past decade. And he pledged that any request to hold indyref2 would be rejected with “no negotiation”.

Labour pledges £100bn investment in Scotland over decade

Jeremy Corbyn has promised a £100bn investment in Scotland over the next ten years if Labour wins the general election, as he launched his party’s manifesto. Revealing the document at a launch in Birmingham on Thursday, the Labour leader vowed an “investment blitz” that would target every part of the UK.

Nicola Sturgeon crowned ‘Politician of the Year’

Nicola Sturgeon has been named The Herald Scottish Politician of the Year for a record fifth time. The SNP leader awarded the prize as she celebrated her fifth anniversary of becoming first minister. Ms Sturgeon beat off competition from Green MSP John Finnie and interim Scottish Tory leader Jackson Carlaw.

Boris Johnson: The union is more important than Brexit

Boris Johnson has said the union is more important than Brexit in the first TV debate of the general election campaign. The Prime Minister went head-to-head with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in the ITV debate, which was broadcast live on STV.

Can Nicola Sturgeon deliver Scottish independence

During the election campaign period we are profiling the main party leaders. It is spring in the old mining village and a shy teenager stands in a quiet cul-de-sac, steadying her nerve. The pebbledash bungalow in front of her is unremarkable but for one thing.

Election 2019: Ten seats to watch in Scotland

The snap general election campaign is now in full swing ahead of voting on December 12. Here are 10 constituencies in Scotland which could tell the story of the contest.

SNP to unveil energy bill saving plans on campaign trail

Nicola Sturgeon will unveil SNP plans to help households save hundreds of pounds on their energy bills on a campaign visit to East Renfrewshire. The First Minister will join Kirsten Oswald, SNP candidate for East Renfrewshire, to meet voters and activists at Cafe Roma in Clarkston on Sunday.

‘I’m running the campaign here’

Scottish Conservative leader Jackson Carlaw says they are running their own election campaign.

Andrew Neil vs. Scottish nationalist clown

David Linden, SNP MP, is very very clear that he very very clearly has a head filled with fantasies and cobwebs.

Concerns raised over ‘unreliable’ employment data

The Scottish government used unreliable data to report positive employment figures, the UK’s statistics watchdog has ruled. A claim that youth unemployment had fallen by 0.3 percentage points was posted on social media. But economists pointed out the sample of data used to show the change was too small to be meaningful.

Labour pledges Scots council house building drive

Scottish Labour has launched its election campaign by pledging to fund the building of 120,000 council and social houses over the next 10 years. The build up to the general election on 12 December has now formally begun with Westminster having been dissolved.

UK Election: SNP launch election campaign focusing on Brexit and Independence- BBC News

The Scottish National Party leader and first minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon has launched her party’s election campaign in Edinburgh putting Brexit and Scottish independence at the centre of the SNP’s election strategy. She said she’d be willing to cooperate with a Labour government led by Jeremy Corbyn.

SNP ‘winning independence economic argument’

Scotland’s finance secretary has used his speech to the SNP conference to claim the party is winning the argument on Scotland’s economic future. Derek Mackay said the country can “more than afford” to be independent. He also argued that staying part of the UK leaves Scotland “subject to the whim of Westminster turmoil”.

‘Stop running scared,’ Nicola Sturgeon tells Johnson and Corbyn

Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon has called for a second referendum on Scotland’s independence from the UK and urged Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn to debate her on the matter. Sturgeon, whose Scottish National Party is running on a pro-independence, anti-Brexit platform, made her comments at a rally in Glasgow on Saturday.

A faintly surreal SNP conference

This has been, in truth, a faintly surreal conference. Not, to be clear, that this curious atmosphere owes anything to the SNP. Firstly, there is the venue, the new Aberdeen conference centre on the outskirts of the city. Again, for clarity, the facilities are excellent, the staff more than helpful, the adjoining hotels comfortable.

Sturgeon says indyref2 ‘must happen next year’

A second referendum on Scottish independence “must happen next year”, Nicola Sturgeon has told the SNP conference. Ms Sturgeon confirmed that she will ask the UK government to give formal consent by the end of this year. She said Westminster had “no right” to block the request, and its opposition to indyref2 is “not sustainable”.

SNP election win ‘could be independence mandate’

An SNP victory in the next Scottish Parliament election could give the party a “mandate for independence”, one of the party’s senior MSPs has claimed. Alex Neil said winning the election in 2021 would potentially allow the SNP to begin independence negotiations.

Nicola Sturgeon: ‘the case for Scottish independence has never been more compelling’

On the first day of the SNP party conference Scottish First Minister and leader of the SNP Nicola Sturgeon speaks to Channel 4 News.

Glasgow suffers Britain’s worst HIV epidemic in over 30 years | ITV News

There is a HIV outbreak on the streets of Glasgow. It is on a scale not seen anywhere in Britain since the 1980s, and it’s being driven by people who are injecting drugs and sharing needles. For context, about 1% of people who inject drugs in Glasgow had HIV just seven years ago.

Civic leader claimed 23 pairs of shoes on expenses

The Lord Provost of Glasgow has been criticised after it emerged her expenses included claims for 23 pairs of shoes. The Daily Record reports Eva Bolander submitted receipts totalling more than £8,000 over a 28-month period. A council spokesman said the SNP councillor incurs personal expenses as she is required to represent the city at hundreds of events.

Tim Rideout on currency and independence at SNP19

Tim Rideout addresses the SNP conference in the run up to a vote on Scottish currency, speaking for Amendment D: Delete 33) and replace with: “conference considers that an SNP Government should take the steps necessary to enable the Scottish Parliament to authorise the preparation of a Scottish Currency as soon as practicable after a vote for Independence with the aim that the currency be ready for introduction as soon as practicable after Independence Day.”

Brexit: Could Scotland back independence to stay in the EU? – BBC Newsnight

Newsnight explores how #Brexit could impact the union between Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Subscribe to our channel here: #IndyRef2 Newsnight begins a series looking at the four corners of the UK and exploring how questions of identity and nationhood are being shaken and reshaped by the EU referendum result.

New off-road cycle route links England and Scotland

A new 800-mile mainly off-road cycle route between England and the north coast of Scotland has been launched. The Great North Trail links the Peak District to Scotland’s most northerly mainland points for the first time. About 98% of the route is on existing off-road cycle routes, forest roads and low traffic minor roads.

PM vows to compensate for ‘SNP inadequacy’

Boris Johnson has vowed to bring forward measures to “compensate for the grave inadequacies” of the Scottish government. In an interview with BBC Scotland ahead of the Conservative party conference, the prime minister attacked the SNP for their record on health and education. He ruled out allowing a second referendum on Scottish independence.

Bin collections at ‘breaking point after decade of cuts’

A union representing Glasgow’s refuse collectors has claimed the city’s waste service is at breaking point following a decade of cuts. In a video posted online from a backcourt in Maryhill, a GMB representative, who works for Glasgow City Council, claims the service is in crisis and a threat to public health and safety.

How has Scotland changed since the indyref?

Five years have passed since the Scottish independence referendum. BBC Scotland looks at how the country’s politics has changed since then, and how likely we are to do it all again. Where were you on 18 September, 2014?

Scotland’s economy running a £12.6bn deficit, figures show

The Scottish economy continues to run a substantial deficit, although it has fallen by £1.2bn in the last year to £12.6bn. The shortfall between government spending and the money it raised in 2018-19 amounts to 7% of Scotland’s GDP, according to official statistics.

Nicola Sturgeon MSP ‘I Don’t Want to See the UK Crashing Out Without a Deal’ | Good Morning Britain

The First Minister of Scotland and SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon MSP talks of a no-deal Brexit and how potential food and medicine shortages will be a consequence of Brexiteers not being prepared in the run-up to the referendum. Subscribe now for more! Broadcast on 02/09/2019 Like, follow and subscribe to Good Morning Britain!

Government pays Alex Salmond £500k in legal costs

The Scottish Government has confirmed it has paid £512,250 in legal costs to Alex Salmond after a court ruled its handling of complaints made against him were “unlawful”. The former First Minister launched legal action against the Scottish Government in August 2018 to contest the complaints process activated against him in relation to sexual harassment allegations, which Salmond has denied.

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon Talks Brexit, Family and De-Stressing | Loose Women

Subscribe now for more! Scotland’s First Minister and SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon joined Loose Women today as she talks about fighting against Brexit and how she will continue to campaign for Scotland’s independence. Away from politics, she chats how she manages to de-stress with her husband and family life.

Labour deputy Watson voices indyref2 opposition

The UK Labour Party deputy leader Tom Watson has spoken out against a second Scottish independence referendum. It follows comments by shadow chancellor John McDonnell that a future Labour government would not block another vote. Mr Watson said another referendum “is not the answer” to Tory austerity and Brexit.

Cystic fibrosis drugs rejected for use in Scotland

Two “life-changing” cystic fibrosis drugs have been rejected for routine use by the NHS in Scotland. The Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC) said there were uncertainties about the long-term health benefits of Orkambi and Symkevi in relation to their costs.

Jack: ‘UK minister want more control over Scottish spending’

T he UK Government wants more of a say on how money to replace EU funding after Brexit is spent in Scotland, the new Scottish Secretary has said. Alister Jack said the Shared Prosperity Fund, being set up in the place of EU structural funds, will brand projects it pays for with the union flag.

Children’s ward closed to new admissions

A ward has been closed to new admissions at Glasgow’s Queen Elizabeth University Hospital (QEUH) after three young patients contracted infections. Children had been moved there from the neighbouring Royal Hospital for Children.

How could no-deal Brexit impact the union? – BBC Newsnight

Is a no-deal Brexit still a one in a million chance or is it starting to look like the most probable outcome? Subscribe to our channel here: Boris Johnson has made his first visit to Scotland as prime minister, meeting First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Scottish Conservative Leader Ruth Davidson, both of whom have positioned themselves against a no-deal exit.

Scotland prisoners given temporary voting rights

Prisoners in Scotland will temporarily be given the right to vote as the Scottish government moves to a “long-term” change in the law. Inmates will be able to vote in the Shetland by-election on 29 August, triggered by MSP Tavish Scott’s resignation. The move complies with the European Convention on Human Rights.

Sturgeon: ‘Next six months could be Scotland’s toughest’

The First Minister said Westminster is “crumbling” and Scotland faces getting a “reckless prime minister we didn’t vote for” whether Boris Johnson or Jeremy Hunt wins the Conservative leadership contest. In a post on her party’s website celebrating 20 years of the Scottish Parliament, the SNP leader said more could be achieved with independence.

ITV News – Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon says…

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon says she made it ‘abundantly clear’ she is opposed to Brexit during a meeting with Prime Minister Boris Johnson….

Tory leadership rivals pledge to safeguard union

Boris Johnson has promised to do “anything” in his power to stop the UK breaking up if he becomes prime minister. The Conservative leadership candidate said the next occupant of 10 Downing Street should be “minister for the union” as well as prime minister.

BBC News, 30th of June 2019

The children of the devolution look to the future

The city of Edinburgh is no place to judge the success or otherwise of 20 years of devolved government. Its transformation is obvious. The streets of Scotland’s capital teem with energy. The city centre is a forest of cranes as a vast new mixed-use development replaces the unlovely old concrete of the St James Shopping Centre.

BBC News, 1st of July 2019