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Boris has rattled the cage of the SNP, The Herald, J Lax, 19/11/20.

BORIS Johnson has rattled the cage of the SNP. What the SNP fail to acknowledge is that they don’t actually want devolution to work. If devolution were a success, their argument for independence would be weakened. The last 13 years under the nationalists have seen them doing all they can to show devolution as ineffective. They have had the powers to improve life in Scotland, in our education system, health system and local authorities, yet they have failed to do so. Without devolution, who would the SNP blame for their own failures? Jane Lax, Aberlour.

Things can only get better, Daily Mail, D Grattan, 19/11/20.

BORIS Johnson is quite right to call devolution a disaster for Scotland. After 13 years of SNP rule, our education system is in tatters, the economy is in a deep recession and £13billion of debt has been racked up – with taxation the highest in the UK. Things couldn’t get worse… or could they? Let’s see what the electorate says in May, or is the SNP running scared? DENNIS FORBES GRATTAN, Aberdeen

The real row is approaching, Daily Record, G Edwards, 19/11/20.

THE row over devolution is a contrived storm in a teacup. The real row is approaching as the SNP applies the final touches to its near-total destruction of the economy with its half-baked shutdown plans. This will affect us all. Gerald Edwards, Glasgow.


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