After Brexit, where do the SNP go; Freeman looking foolish; Fix the problem

After Brexit, where do the SNP go, The Herald, I Lakin, 26/12/20.

THE news that a trade deal has been struck today between the UK and the EU must come as a big disappointment for the hardline Brexiters and Nationalists alike. However, the vast majority of people who respected the democratic will of the people (in the 2014 and 2016 referendums) will breathe a huge sigh of relief that common sense has prevailed with give and take from both sides being the order of the day. For example, many of those who voted to leave wanted a Brexit trade deal but did not to want to be dragged into a political union with Europe, which would have prevented the world’s fifth-largest economy striking individual major deals with other countries and large trading blocs like the Tans-Pacific Partnership. On the other hand, the nationalists are now up the creek without a paddle with nothing to offer other than chaos – outside the UK internal market and outside the EU market. Indeed, the latest opinion polls in Scotland were taken when a no-deal Brexit seemed most likely and even unavoidable. The spotlight will now focus on the populist SNP dismal performance in power as a Brexit deal will deprive Ms Sturgeon of a vital source of deflection and grievance. Ian Lakin, Aberdeen.

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Freeman looking foolish, The Herald, A Sutherland, 24/12/20.

Freeman’s claim looking foolish IT’S looking increasingly unlikely that Jeane Freeman will get anywhere close to having one million Scots vaccinated against Covid by the end of January, as she claimed in November. If only Pfizer would invent vaccinations to stop politicians making stop-gap claims and the public being so gullible. Allan Sutherland, Stonehaven.

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Fix the problem, Scotland on Sunday, W Ballantine, 27/12/20.

Fix the problem The latest drug death figures are very bad, and it must be pointed out that some of the factors affecting them – health, education, policing are all devolved. Therefore, one must point the finger at Holyrood for this. The SNP claims to be “Scotland’s party”, the party that speaks up for Scotland, yet here is evidence of how they actually are harming Scot-land! Unionists are also patriotic Scots, and they stand up for Scotland too- being a patriot does not make you a nationalist! William Ballantine Dean Road Bo’ness, West Lothian

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