About Us

Scotland Matters is a non-party political campaign. We want Scotland to remain in the United Kingdom.

We’re based in north-east Scotland, where the anti-SNP fightback began. We have followers across Scotland and aim to organise meetings around the country.

Our followers include

  • former Better Together leaders and campaigners
  • followers of pro-Union campaigns and social media groups
  • elected politicians from Labour, Lib Dem and Conservatives
  • thousands more who just want this division and uncertainty to end, and fix and transform Scotland.

We believe the best way of achieving this is to vote the SNP out of government in the 2021 Holyrood election.

The problem is, the pro-Uk opposition parties are miles behind the SNP in the polls. If the SNP/Greens form a government in 2021 there will undoubtedly be another referendum and years more uncertainty, division – and incompetent government

We can all do our bit to change this, here’s how

  • Encourage and help pro-UK parties to work together to 
    • oppose the SNP/Greens
    • propose election winning policies.
    • Make  a fact based positive case for remaining in the UK.
  • Share and distribute undeniable, verifiable evidence against separatism.
  • Highlight the pitfalls of leaving the UK we helped to create.
  • Meet others just like yourself, and get informed at  meetings around the country

Scotland Matters can help by

Keeping you informed on email, Social media and our up to date website

Collaboration with other pro-UK groups, and the main opposition parties

Organising meetings, campaigns and help during elections.

Scotland Matters to us, our families, children, grandchildren, businesses, livelihoods and our future social wellbeing, help us protect that future.Meet people just like you.

Find out what you can do to fix, transform, and save Scotland.

Contact us: info@scotlandmatters.co.uk