"Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to ensure that any referendum advocating constitutional change should have at least a two thirds majority for it to succeed"

Some Letters For Context
This is an official Scottish Government petition which means it has to be considered by the Petitions Committee and the Finance and Constitution Committee.

It was prepared with the help of the Petitions Clerks at the Scottish Parliament by Scotland Matters Steering Committee member, Mark Openshaw.

To sign it, please click on the link below:

You may have read that the UK Electoral Commission has many concerns about this referendum bill and this week its submission to the Committee has made the headlines in several papers and prompted several letters to the Scottish press.

The Independence and Brexit referendums have demonstrated that a slight majority does not produce a conclusive, settled, result in a democracy and it is time to learn from the I997 Scottish Devolution referendum which had a 72% majority, and the SNP's own constitution, which requires a two thirds majority for any change to be enacted.

Scotland Matters are confident that the 2 million Scots who thought their "No" vote would last a generation will want to sign this petition, so please let them know by sharing
this petition as widely as possible via email, social media and through word of mouth.