Scotland Matters Newsletter for the w/c the 12th of August 2019.

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A series of letters on the falling educational standards in Scotland under the SNP administration:
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Recent Polls

Worrying news as a new poll by Lord Ashcroft shows a potential 'Yes' vote taking a slight lead recently.


Great articles from Steven Daisley on standing up to the SNP; The Glasgow Human Rights Blog on Nicola Sturgeons' "pain and anguish" at the recent allegations made against her predecessor; The Ferret on Freedom of Information failings of the Scottish Government and The UK Defense Journal on the topic of Faslane Naval Base.

Print Media

Busy time for Scottish print media, with an intervention by Gordon Brown on the state of the Union, failures at Scotland's last commercial shipyard, privacy fears at Scotland's new benefits agency and police representatives hitting out at the SNP over police numbers.

What we're up against

Something a bit lighter, with actor Alan Cumming making an (untrue) allegation of bias at the BBC.