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Three letters on the broad theme of opposition parties uniting to blunt the SNP, one of main objectives of Scotland Matters:

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Some excellent articles for your perusal:

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow Uni writes on the distorted world view of the SNP.

Thoughtful article in the Financial Times on the visceral appeal of secession and how it makes people who live in two nations pick a side against their will.

Great article on Think Scotland about the proposed Citizens Assembly.

The former Policy Chief to Alex Salmond writes in The Courier on the exhausted government at Holyrood and how Prime Minister Boris is not the gift that many secessionists believe.

Common Weal Director, Robin Mcalpine, writes on the insipid leadership of the SNP and their 'talking shop' at Holyrood.

Guardian and Observer columnist, Kevin McKenna, writes on how the friendly 'Church fete' image of the SNP is quickly forgotten when an SNP politician does not adhere to the party narrative.

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For those of you wishing to garner some more in depth knowledge to combat the separatists, then please have a look at some of our book recommendations. All have been read by the editor of the website and come highly recommended:

More failings by the Scottish Government:

Failing to meet rural housing targets:

Nicola Sturgeon claiming that the next six months will be the most difficult in the history of Scotland. Which is a bold statement for a nation that survived the black death,the Darien Scheme, and two World Wars.

More issues in the NHS, including delays to the opening of a new brain surgery unit.

What we're up against

First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, has demanded another independence referendum because Boris Johnson is Prime Minister. Not that it would matter. It could have been Jeremy Hunt, Ronald McDonald or the ghost of Hugh MacDiarmid with a white rose in his lapel...

A lone Scottish separatist has decided yet again to set up another Crowdfunding campaign to ‘draw in fence sitters and soft no voters’ for our 8th ‘ Rough Wooing’ since the end of September 2014. This time it’s different though! This time it’s to prevent Scotland from being ‘held prisoner by the British State’ in the event of a no-deal Brexit, explains the text that has been copied and pasted from every other unsuccessful separatist crowdfunding campaign that has ever existed previously...

A short, pithy and eloquently direct letter from Sir Gavin Gilbey, proving that, sometimes, the fewer words the better: